Friday, March 29, 2019


Yep, I did it!!!! I ordered this for the kitchen.  Found it on sale....only $79.00.

I have been wanting one of these for a LONG TIME!!

 Actually I kind of made one similar to this out the existing light fixture at the old house.....

Cute, huh?  

But I think this black one is going to look FABULOUS in the new house.

I can't wait til it arrives and I can sweet talk the hubs into wiring it up for me.  The existing light fixture in the kitchen is well (some would say okay) but I think it's hideous.

Opinions?  Yes, we all have them.  Now don't judge the kitchen too harshly.  This is from the real estate listing and we did just move in, so it needs a lot of updating yet.  We'll get to it....yes, we will...probably MUCH sooner than the hubs thinks were going to get to it...hehehe

Anywayssssss, I guess this light fixture in there is just not my taste.  To me it's not only somewhat's just plain YUCK!!!!

Knowing me, I will probably schmooose it up a little and sell it.  Yes, that will come after I get my craft/project room all gussied up.    

All I know is this one makes me happy and for $79.00 I can afford this kind of happiness. 😊 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


So the front door at the new house was my least favorite color in the whole world.......


I have to admit that I knew when we bought the house that this door would be my first paint project here.....because.....I absolutely loathe anything that remotely resembles I just couldn't help myself.....I really couldn't help myself....THIS HAD TO GO!!!!!

I immediately started picking out paint swatches on my first trip to our new Lowes.

To even my surprise, I picked a bold, bright color....AMALFI by Sherwin Williams...

It's SO VERY UNLIKE ME.....because I am usually very reserved with color!!!!!

This was just the first coat, and not even dry yet....

Instead of buying a quart at Lowes for this project I waited a few days....what me wait....heehehee....and picked up a sample pot at the Sherwin Williams store near where I work.  The SW samples are almost a quart of paint and are only $6.  Way cheaper than anywhere else for that much paint. 

I gotta say, I am really loving the new color.

I will say that the pictures are really not a true representation of the actual color. It's a fresh, vibrant blue with quite a bit more green than it looks here.  It's kind  of like a deep peacock blue.  It's really beautiful.

Yes, I know it's BOLD and BRIGHT....


BUT...I believe it's neutral enough that a nice green wreath is gonna pop and be so welcoming.

I think I am gonna add some cute "hello." lettering too.  

So, what do you think about AMALFI?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


We just purchased the black leather sofa and loveseat a few weeks ago.  We picked it out in the store and never noticed a problem.  Once it was delivered I kept noticing that something just didn't seem quite right with the sofa and the one cushion was starting to look frumpy and more worn than the others in just a few days of use....but, I still couldn't put my finger on the problem...


Do you see what's wrong? 

Here take a closer look....

Do you see it now?

Yes, the right cushion is missing the stitching around the top....I can't believe my OCD didn't catch this at the store....hehehe....SO....I immediately called the furniture store and they were so nice to order me a replacement cover.  I hope to have it in the next few weeks.

Just goes to show ya that even though it's new doesn't mean it's perfect.....keep your eyes peeled folks....KEEP.YOUR.EYES.PEELED!!!   :)

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