Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hello everybody, how is your week going?  My week has been pretty quite so far except for decorating for tonight's ladies meeting.  Perhaps I will share that with you at a later date.

Today I want to share with you something way more amazing.  The "before" and the not quite "after" of the exterior of our home.  I had been kind of down since we put the new roof and shutters on the house because we didn't have enough money to do any of the other projects I had scheduled for this year.  I would look around and see all the things that are still left undone and was starting to believe that we haven't even made a dent in our list of things to do around here.

Then the other day I was looking through some pictures and something amazing happened.  I saw the "before" picture of our house! Then I looked a current picture of our home.  Wow!  I could hardly believe the difference.  We actually have made a HUGE difference in the appearance of our home and I am feeling so much better about things now.  Though we still have so much more to do and this is not considered a "reveal" per say, I thought you might like to see the difference too.

Here's the before...

Sorry for the blurry, poor quality photo.  This is a photo from from the real estate listing..

and here's the not quite "after"...

See the difference?

Now check out this side by side view....

Amazing isn't it?  We took down all the old shutters and window awnings the summer after we moved in.  Then we prepped and painted the exterior, highlighting the beautiful trim and architectural details in a different color.  Notice that with the house all white you couldn't see any of that.  This past summer we had a new roof installed, added new doors and shutters.  We have many things left to do, including landscaping, but I think I am finally starting to see my vision for this little old house coming to life.   I love it!  It is so amazing to look back and see where we started and where we are today and now I am more excited than ever to see what changes another two or three years will bring.

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  1. What a beautiful difference! I love seeing before and after pictures like this. :) Thanks for sharing!


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