Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I had such a great time on Sunday at the Baker Creek Seed Co. Annual Spring Planting Festival.  The whole family did!!

I probably haven't mentioned much about this on the blog but I have been studying up on organic gardening for the past few years.  After finding out how our government has duped us over the past 45 or so years into believing that our food and drug administration was regulating the quality of our foods to make sure everything we consume is "safe", when all along for bigger and better profits, they were allowing and even supporting commercial farmers and places like Monsanto to produce and plant genetically modified seeds to poison feed the great people of this country....and...allowing packaging companies to use poisonous materials in the packages our food comes in as well...I decided that I want to do better when it comes to feeding my family.  I want organic at a price I can afford (which means growing it myself) so I have searched out a place right here in Missouri that sells organic heirloom variety seeds....and it's only about an hour and a half drive from my house.  I also found out that each year they have a big shindig...their ANNUAL SPRING PLANTING FESTIVAL to celebrate all that wholesome good seed and plants....so we went on a little road trip Sunday to enjoy the festival.

The farm is set up like an old time pioneer village with old time hotel, restaurant, general store, apothecary, livery stable, mill and much more....the mach town is called Bakersville Pioneer Village. Really NEAT!!! For the annual festival they had over 150 vendors there selling their homemade organic, goods, plants, foods, crafts, small farm animals and other wears.  There was live music too....fiddlers, cello players, yodelers, etc.  All sorts of fun things to see and do. It was SUPER, SUPER crowded but we had such a good time.

I wanted to eat at the restaurant which serves vegan food from fresh ingredients right off the farm there but the line was a mile long.  The neat thing about the restaurant is that they don't have a set price for the food.  You pay by donation.  I did have a delicious bowl of organic cowboy beans and cornbread from their outdoor kitchen where the line wasn't so long.  It was by donation also...and I tried a sample of fresh, creamy goat cheese from one of the vendors.  Very tasty!!!

Shamefully I didn't take a ton of pictures because I just wanted to enjoy my day there without being tied down with the camera.  However, I did take a few to show you....

Pops (my father-in-law) and the kids took a horse and buggy ride...

Awww...isn't he pretty?!!

This view is from the entrance gate and that's only about a third of the vendor tents that were set up.  I'm tellin' ya this was a BIG shindig!!

 I bought something from this cute booth....which I will show you tomorrow after I get a picture of it.  All I can say is that I plan on making some of them for my little boutique....but I am trying to keep all that on the down low until everything comes together.

These were my favorite musicians.  I love old time bluegrass fiddle music and these KIDS played beautifully.

These guys were good too.

We also met this group of entertainers...

Of course I was respectful to ask if I could take their picture because I know that native american Indians oftentimes do not permit their picture to be taken.

Of course we were on a real farm so there were all kinds of animals to be seen...sheep, goats, chickens...

I didn't get a picture of it because it was so crowded but the Seed Store (where they sell all the organic seeds) was huge and filled with not only seeds but other cool handmade stuff.  Here's a picture from their website...

I can tell you I absolutely love this place and we WILL be visiting again....probably in the fall.

If you would like to take a trip to Bakersville Pioneer Village aka Baker Creek Seed Co. or learn more about them, go to their website HERE.

I promise if you are in Missouri and interested in organic farming or just like outdoor adventures and activities it's worth the drive.  If you are not in the area they do sell their seeds online.  Plus they will send you a free catalog so you can order by mail.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you what I bought on our trip.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016


So it's been a while...last summer to be exact...but you might remember that I made it my mission to see all four of Missouri's covered bridges.  I was able to see three of them last year but then it got too late in the year and there were too many other things that needed our attention to make a trip to the last one.  The other day; however, since the weather was so nice the hubs surprised me with a day trip to the last bridge.  Awww, thanks hubs!!

The Burfordville Bridge in Bollinger, Missouri.

So very picturesque don't you think?

This bridge leans just a tad but was safe to walk on and play on...yay!!

It is situated right next to Bollinger Mill which was a neat place to visit as well and a nice addition to our trip.

 From the inside of the mill.

See the table and chairs?...Someone was setting up for a wedding when we got there.   It's definitely a beautiful place for that!!

This is the view from the other side of the bridge.

There was also a cute a little antique shop right across the street (that I forgot to get a picture of....foooey).  The prices there were very good and I almost bought something but I have been trying to refrain from making any home decor purchases until after we get our new house....so I left the little treasure behind.  Whaaa!

Yes, I am STILL waiting for our house to sell.  Lots of lookers and a few who have looked twice.  It's just a matter of time and all will happen.  I still have faith, trust and hope in the Lord that it will be soon!!

Anyway, we had a terrific time picnicking, playing ball, antiquing and just enjoying family time together on such a gorgeous spring day here in Missouri.

Here is a little collage of all four of Missouri's covered bridges....

It's funny, the Burfordville and Locust Creek bridges look exactly alike.  I did not know that until I put this collage together but I assure you they are two different bridges in two totally different towns a few hundred miles away from each other.  Pretty neat if I do say so myself!

My next goal is to someday go to Indiana's covered bridge festival.  It takes place every October and is a traveling festival.  You travel from town to town to see each of the covered bridges.  There are food vendors, shops and markets and lots of things to enjoy along the way.  I can't wait for that!!!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE COVERED BRIDGES?  To me they are incredibly beautiful!

Since I've seen all of Missouri's covered bridges I now have to come up with new ideas for this years day trips.  Do you know of any fun places in Missouri that we should visit?  Do tell!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Okay, so have you been wondering what is going on in my world?  No probably not but I'm gonna tell you anyway...hehe.

We went to have another look at the house we are wanting to buy and I took plenty of pictures while we were there.  I was planning on posting some of them WAY before now but I have been experiencing some major technical difficulties.

I thought my card reader went out because I tried it on all the computers here at work and it wouldn't do anything.  So I bought a new card reader...still nothing.  I thought that maybe there was a problem with my USB ports so I loaded new drivers and...NOTHING.  Then I tried a system restore on my computer and I got A BIG FAT NOTHING!  Humph!!!  This morning though I got the bright idea to do a system restore on the server computer here at the office (shhh, don't tell my boss) and guess what...IT WORKED!!!  My USB works, the card reader works and so today I am going to show you some pictures of our future home...the one that by faith I believe the Lord is going to allow us to have....very soon!!!

As I have said, the house is nothing fancy but it's all I want and need.  It's a plain old ranch style that needs some updating but the location and the beautiful yard makes up for all the shortcomings of the house.

You enter the property by crossing this sweet little bridge...

which is one of my favorite things about this place...I love it!

The little house is nestled in the heart of five acres of Missouri's prime land.

It has a 2 acre yard in a park like setting with three acres of woods behind it...Woods that I can't wait to explore to see if there are any of natures freebies that I can use in my decor.

Let's go inside shall we.

The living room is a good size and should be very comfortable.

The dining room is a little small and there won't be room for much else but I think it will house my farmhouse table with no problems.

To the right is a short hall that leads to the master bedroom...

master bathroom....

 Second bedroom....

and guest bathroom....

Okay, well I didn't get very good shots of this bath.  Oops!

So that's the west wing of the house.

To the left of the dining room is the kitchen.  Though it's small I love this kitchen.  It has plenty of cabinets and lots of pantry space.  I think it should be super easy to work in.

Those two doors are pantries....two pantries in one kitchen...now that's nice!!!

Right off the kitchen is a quaint little breakfast room.

You might notice some BIG problems with the floor in this room.  When we first looked at the house and put the contract on it, all the floors were in good condition (with the exception of a few stains) but the owner didn't heat the home through the winter and the floors have buckled in a few spots.  This problem will be taken care of before we purchase the home or either he will reduce the price for us.

Off the breakfast room and down a few steps is a unique little space.

The original garage was converted into a little sitting area, laundry room and two bedrooms.

The owners used the area as a playhouse of sorts for their grands.  The outside wall of the two bedrooms looks like the exterior of a little house.

The hubs hates it.  Sis and I love it.  As a matter of fact, Sis is requesting that other than giving it a fresh coat of paint that we don't change any of it and she has already chosen one of the rooms to be her bedroom.  The other room will be my craft room....which I am over the moon about. It's been almost six years since I have had a craft room and I have sorely missed the extra work space.

Out the back door leads to a smallish but fabulous back yard filled with raised bed gardens where I will be planting all sorts of herbs and veggies.

Of course I am having to be patient because our house still has not sold.  I believe though that it's going to sell SOON!! We have had quite a few lookers so we are just praying and believing that one of them will fall in love with our cute, charming vintage house and snatch it right up.  As soon as they do we will be heading to the country.

I can't wait to get into this house and give it a fresh coat of paint and add my personal flair to it...and I am mostly anxiously awaiting to get into these gardens and start planting some yummy things. Between the fruit trees in the front yard and these gardens in the back I hope to stock those spacious pantries with all sorts of yummy things.

This will be the perfect place to enjoy the rest of my life!!!

While I wait, I have decided to make a few things for my boutique that has been in the planning stages for some time.  Of course that craft room will totally come in handy for the larger projects but crocheting a few bath poufs is something I can do right now from my easy chair.  Yes, I am teaching myself (with the help of Youtube) to crochet.  My mother crocheted for years and in all my left handedness couldn't get the hang of it.  I was fumble fingers but thanks to the tutorials (AND THE PAUSE BUTTON) on Youtube, I am doing quite well if I do say so myself...and you know what?...IT'S FUN!  I will show you some of my work later...promise.

I love learning new skills.  A person should try and learn something new everyday.  It's keeps your mind fresh, alert and occupied.

Okay, so that's life lately here at Beyond the Portico.  Since the technical issues are fixed now I hope to post more frequently.  I will be back soon to show you some of my crochet work.  Stay tuned!!


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