Wednesday, July 19, 2017


So hey everyone....miss me?  Yeah, I really don't blog much anymore.  :( I am usually on Facebook.  I will occasionally post on here though as we do more to the house. It's really slow going right now.  Things will probably pick up though because we will be starting on Sis's tiny house this fall.  I plan to post updates on it.  Anyway.............................................

The reason for this post is not about blogging it is about the problem with some of my pictures on this here blog.  I used to use Photobucket to edit and post my photos.  That was a while back but all of the pictures I posted on here that were edited in Photobucket have been disabled from showing up on my blog.  They have changed and are no longer a free hosting service and are wanting $400 a year for their services.  I will not be paying that so my old photos will no longer show up on the blog.  I am sorry for that.  I could possibly go back and recover the pictures because they are still in my account on Photobucket but I really would have no clue where each of them belong on the blog so I am afraid it just isn't going to happen and I am totally ticked at Photobucket for this complete and udder disaster.

With that said, I apologize for the inconvenience and I also want to let you know that this will not happen with any future posts because I have my own editing software and load all my photos from disk now.

Until next time.  Have a fabulous day!!!

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