Wednesday, January 30, 2013


HELLO....HELLO....HELLO (in tune to the three stooges...remember them?  Hilarious comedy!)  So HELLO, how are you all today?  Great, I hope!

Okay, so I know I told you all the other day that I would show you the reveal of sis's room in the next month or so.  Well...I still have a ton of unfinished projects to do in that room and it will probably take way longer than a month to complete them all so....I decided that I would show you the room thus far.  Sound good?  Yes, yes it does.  So here goes...

As you can tell, I still have tons of unfinished business in here.  I will be reupholstering the chair as soon as I find the right fabric.  I am looking for art and accessories for that area of the room too.  I am still undecided on whether or not I want to just paint the bed or upholster it...and then there's the little matter of what color.  I tell ya...decisions, decisions.  They can be so hard sometimes.

I have foiled a small chest of drawers seen in the left hand corner of the pic below...When I say "foiled" that's exactly what it means....I mod podged household aluminum foil onto a plain old, nothing special chest of drawers.  Applied a little black craft paint to distress (or age it) and then finished with a top coat of mod podge to preserve and protect the finish.  I will show you close up, more detailed pics of that later.

I still have not purchased new knobs for it yet though.  The ones I want are about $5 ea. so it may be a while before I get them seeing as how I need 6 total.  I have yet to foil the bookcase and I am looking for different lamps.  I spray painted some mix matched thrift store lamps orange for now, but I am not sure that I am liking how they turned out.  Not sure what I am going to do there yet.

I have moved the metal medallion since taking these pics and will show you where to later.  For now that corner of the room is pretty much "blech".  Like I said I need to reupholster the chair and decide on art and accessories for that part of the room.

Looking back toward the door, you can see the painted lingerie chest.  That area has been changed up a bit since taking these pics and I hope to show you that soon.   There is still a lot to do but so far I am really liking this room.  More importantly, Sis is loving it and that makes me happy.

See you soon with more updates.  Until then...have a fantastic Jesus filled my old pastor would say.

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Friday, January 25, 2013


So as you all know, I have been working on fixing up sis's room.  She inherited our old master bedroom when we traded spaces a few months back.  She tells me she is really liking her new room.  Yay.  I love it when that happens...teenagers can be so hard to please sometimes!

The walls were painted a nice warm gray, Gray Marble by Olympic.  We have all new bedding and new DIY curtains, a new white shag rug and the chandy has recently been updated.  You can see that post HERE.  I someday hope to get a new, more modern, light fixture for in here but until then the chandy will do.

This past week, I worked on giving some of her old furniture a little face lift.  Her old lingerie chest and nightstand that I had spray painted black years ago really needed some work.  The paint was faded, scratched and just plain ugly.  Here is a before shot (from our old house) when they still looked pretty nice.

Sorry for the poor quality pic.  It's the only one I could find and it was from the real estate listing when we had our old house up for sale.

Anyway, we decided that a fresh coat of paint was what this furniture needed to breath some new life into it again, and it's definitely cheaper than buying all new furniture.

The color she of her favorite colors.

Yes, I know that was LAST year's color of the year...according to Pantone and we are a little behind the times, but with the help of some oops paint from Wal-mart at $8.00 for a whole gallon...we'll just have to sacrifice being all trendy now, won't we!  (In case you didn't know...This year's color of the year is Emerald.)  The paint was a slightly lighter shade of orange than what I had in mind so I added some red paint that I already had on hand to darken it up a bit.  I love how it turned out, don't you?

Both pieces got new knobs...they were $1.17 ea. from Lowes. (Yes, I probably should have gotten rid of the bobby pin before snapping this shot, but I'm just keeping it real people, keeping it real)...What, you don't have any bobby pins lying around anywhere, you case a wild hair tries getting away from you all the sudden?  LOL

Now where were we?...Oh yes, back to the knobs....I love the weaved texture of the metal and the touch of brass in them.  Contrasts perfectly with the orange and....brass IS back in style now!  Yes, that's see we're not too far behind the times after all....are we? Not that that matters or anything.  LOL

The total cost for revamping these pieces was around $18.00.  That's $8.00 for the gallon of paint and around $10.00 for 8 new knobs.  However, I have a ton of paint left over so it really cost me less than that.  Also, I didn't really have to replace the knobs...I could have used the old ones and this project would have cost me even less but...I just really wanted new knobs and at $1.17 ea. I couldn't pass them up.  Still WAY cheaper than buying new furniture and that's all that matters!

I have a few more projects left to do in here...reupholster the chair and bed frame and a few other things, but I hope to show you a full reveal in a month or so.  Yes, I know....these room makeovers TAKE.SO.LONG but I am slowly and surely chipping away at this one and I.WILL.GET.IT.DONE!

Maybe I could use some cheering on....and everyone says...GIT ER DONE, GIT ER DONE....come on say it with me now...GIT ER DONE!  Hahahaha.

Have a fabulous day and an even better weekend.  See ya!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Mmmmmkay, like the title to this post?  Yes, I knew you would.  Wanna know what exactly it's about?  Sure you do and if you don't, I'm gonna tell ya anyway...uhhh, cause I want to!

No really, I thought you might like to know what exactly I do all day everyday....for.9.hours.everyday ...well, except for Saturdays and Sundays...

I work!  I have a full time, Monday through Friday, day shift job as a legal secretary and I thought just maybe you would like to see the work environment in which I spend the majority of my time...hence the reason I don't get to do much blogging...I am usually here...

at this desk....

Truly awe inspiring isn't it? Yes, it's so beautiful I can hardly stand it...I know, shut up with the sarcasm already...

My view to the outside world...that is when I'm not busy doing legal stuff of surfing the internet...

Ooooooh, the view is so much cooler after tweaking it on PIC MONKEY...don't you agree?

Yes, this firm is located on main street.  The view across the street is of an empty delapidated building and a lovely trashcan.  It just doesn't get any better than this!

I sometimes feel as if I work at a beautiful resort in the tropics when I gaze at this...cough, cough...lovely plant...NOT

I think it's dying...probably don't like looking out this window all day any more than I do is what I think it's problem is.  Ha, just kidding.  No I really think it's dying because it don't like our COLD Missouri weather.  Maybe I should move it away from the window.  Hmm now there's an idea.

Let's see what else would you like to see here at the office...let's check out some of the nice decor shall we?

I will say we are totally trendy here at the firm.  Our reception area is decked out with seating in this totally hot green.  Not sure what era these are actually from, but hey for now they are back in style....I think???

We have some luxurious leather seating as well...

Okay, now a full view of our work space...

So there you have it...THE OFFICE.  It's where I spend the majority of my time and shhhh...don't tell the's where I type my blog posts too. HEHE

Wednesday, January 23, 2013



I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!  My new camera arrived yesterday.  Squeal..........

My old camera had an accident by the name of AJ.  Yes, my son broke my camera.  He knocked my purse on the floor, the camera flew out and the battery door got broke (if I would've had it in the case, that would not have happened, oooooops!).  I know that case is around this house somewhere!!!  It's the where that befuddles me....snicker.  Anyway, It's really hard to snap a shot and hold the battery door closed at the same time.  Hence the reason I have not done a whole lotta blogging lately.  I have been doing a lot of projects....I REALLY HAVE!, but there are no pictures to prove it!  LOL...

Well, I can't operate a reputable blog without a camera now can I?  No sureeee bob, so...I ordered a new camera...from Dell.  Who knew that Dell sold cameras?  Not me, that's who!

The hubs said I could order whatever camera I wanted (namely the Canon Rebel T3i) but I just couldn't justify spending $500.00+ on a I went with the Canon PowerShot ELPH 110hs.

Yes, another point and shoot.  I know, I know, most bloggers have a nice fancy camera like the Canon Rebel and I am truly jealous but I am just a novice so a big, expensive, fancy camera would never be a good fit for me.  Besides, I needed something that fits easily into my purse (in a case of course, lol) and this one fits the bill.

It's slim and has a lot of good features...

My favorite being this huge 3" LCD screen.

I love it!  Right now I am reading up on how to operate this little gem but I will be back soon with a review of this product and some pictures of all those projects that I HAVE been working on.  Until then...have a happy picture taking, photo snapping day!  Ciao,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Okay, so do any of you remember this little light fixture that I got last summer for just $4 at one of my favorite thrift stores?

Yeah, not very awe inspiring, but I liked it and it was only $4.  It sat on my bedroom floor for several months as I was planning on fancying her up a little before hanging her in the master bedroom.  Finally, after the hubs pushing me to get the thing off the bedroom floor, I went ahead and had him install it in the master bedroom as is.

Not bad, but I still had plans to do a little something with her.

I took a trip to Garden Ridge around Christmas time and while I was there I found this cute beaded garland, with two different size beads.  I got all 9 foot of it for just $3.99.

I knew the minute I saw it, that it was just what I needed to pretty up my little chandy.  I also found 4 large glass teardrop beads for $1 at a local thrift shop...which would be the perfect finishing touch.

and then I procrastinated....waited....dawdled....and waited some more....then the other day I got a sudden burst of energy.

I got out the ladder and the hot glue gun and went to work.  I took the little lamp shades off  and glued some beads here and a little more there...

The results...

...this OH.SO.CUTE beaded chandelier.  So frenchy!!  Looks like a million bucks doesn't it?  The total cost for this little gem...$9.  Can't beat that!   I just love how it turned out.  Now let's see a little BEFORE and AFTER shall we...

Not bad!  Not bad at all!!!  This just goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot of money for nice decor.

This was a super easy and inexpensive project with great results.  You should try this yourself.  If you have an old jalopy of a chandy and are thinking about replacing it, why not try sprucing it up a bit first.  You might just find that you love your old chandy again and you could save yourself A TON of money.

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