Thursday, October 17, 2013


Do you remember the little tortoiseshell calico kitten, the VERY SICK little kitten, that came to stay with us a little while back?  I guess you have probably been wondering what happened to her.

Well, it's kinda a long story and lucky you, you get to hear all about it.

If you will remember, when this little kitty mysteriously found her way onto our screened porch her bowels were coming out.  Yes it was very UGLY and GROSS, if I do say so myself.  Come to find out she had what they call a "prolapsed bowel".  We took her to the vet and he said he could fix her right up and fix her right up he did.  He stuffed her bowels back up inside of her and then put a few stitches in to keep everything in place.  However, her little problem that was supposed to be an easy and inexpensive fix turned out to be a real ordeal.

A week later we took her back to the vet to have the stitches removed as scheduled.  The nice little vet took the stitches out and her bowels came right back out with them. So the nice little vet put them back in and stitched her up again. Of course not without charging us his standard fee.

This time the stitches were in for three weeks to give the area plenty of time to heal.  After the three weeks was up we took her back to have the stitches removed and you'll never guess what happened.  Yep, her bowels came back out...all of them.  It was TERRIBLE!  I felt so bad for the poor little thing.  She had been through so much.  Our only solution....or so we thought...was to put this little kitty out of her kitty misery, but the vet insisted that there was still hope in the form of major surgery, one that would cost about $200.

Well, my husband said a firm NO. We will NOT pay for this tiny little kitten to have major surgery.  We had already spent around $150 on her through this whole fiasco and let's just face it, my husband tends to be a tight wad. The fact that he spent money on a kitten at all to him was just preposterous!

He said, It's cheaper just to put her out of her misery and be done with it....but...the kids and I cried, 'nuff said.  She had the surgery and it was a success!!

She had to stay at the vet's office for four days but I visited her every day.  Yes, I love her. She's my precious little bundle of joy.  She thinks I'm her mother, which is only fair, since I was the one who nursed her, fed her and went to visit her in the little vet hospital on my lunch break

We all love her (even the hubs, though he don't want to admit it) and she was very much worth the more than $300 we spent to get her better.  AND, in case you have been wondering if we ever decided on a name for her.  Yes, we did.  Her name is NUISANCE. Yes, you read that right, Nuisance.   She has been quite the little nuisance since the day we found her, but she really touched our hearts.  She has such a loving little personality and took right up to us. We are her family.  The only family she has and we just couldn't let her go no matter how much of a nuisance she's been.

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  1. Love this story. What a precious little thing she is. My hubby and I have never regretted one cent we spent on our pets.Our son (now an adult) is an amazingly compassionate and caring person and he attributes it to learning to love and care for pets... even when we had to change vacation plans to pay for vet care.


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