Monday, January 11, 2016


Happy Monday everyone!!

So I have this friend who works with the hubs...(Hi Nancy)...who reads my blog (thank you so much) and who has asked me to make a few centerpieces for a banquet celebration honoring her hubby this weekend. I couldn't accept the job fast enough because I am super honored and super thrilled for the opportunity to work with such a sweet lady and...I hope she don't mind me sharing all the details here.

Now Nancy and I must think alike because I had come up with an idea for the centerpieces and before I even had time to share my idea with her, she sent a picture home with the hubs of EXACTLY what I was thinking. Can you believe that?  What fate...these centerpieces were meant to be I tell you!!

Anyway, she wanted tall winter wonderland type centerpieces with "Icy" branches dripping with snowflakes and that would contrast nicely with black tablecloths.

Nancy gathered up a few supplies and I "pruned" and "iced" forsythia branches from the side yard to come up with this...

What do you think, will something like this do the trick?  I sure do hope so!!

(Nancy if you are reading this and have any comments or concerns please shoot me a text)

Now are you curious as to how I got those branches so "icy"?

It's easy...quite messy and a little time consuming...but REALLY easy!!!

I simply hand painted each branch with plain ol' white school glue, dipped them into a mixture of Epsom salts and white sparkly glitter until they were nicely coated and then I stuck them in a dense piece of foam board to hang out and dry overnight.

That's it...nothing  rocket sciency here!!!

It worked like a charm if I do say so myself!!!

I think everything is looking really good and I think they will be simply gorgeous atop a contrasting black tablecloth don't you think?

I'm dying to find out what Nancy thinks of these. I REALLY hope she likes them!!

Anyway, I better get off here and get back to work....I have five arrangements still waiting to be made.

Until next time, HAVE A FABULOUS DAY!!



  1. Did they "shed" some glitter/salt when you moved them? Can you spray something on them to make them not "shed"? Are they a one time use?


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