Friday, September 7, 2012


Hello all!!!

Although I have not mentioned it much at this point, I am contemplating repainting my living room, dining room and kitchen in cooler, lighter colors.  Of course that will come after we get the houses exterior painted!!  

Anyway, I am looking at some bluish grays and grayish greens for a soothing, peaceful and calming effect.  Currently most of my main floor living is tan and taupe.  Can I just say...I AM NOT A TAN, BEIGE or TAUPE kind of person....nuff said?

Anyway, I have been googling paint colors in the blue and green families and I have come across a few I am in love with and I think I might want to use one or two of them.  I found this beautiful blue gray called "Pale Smoke" by Ben Moore.  It was featured in Katie Lee Joel's NY City apartment which was designed by Nate Berkus...

Katie Lee Joel's living room

Gorgeous huh?  If Nate Berkus used this color you can bet it's a winner!

This next room is also in Ben Moore "Pale Smoke"

I love it.  I absolutely love this color.  It's a barely there blue/gray that is just so soothing and peaceful.  Just the atmosphere I am wanting to achieve in my home.

I have also been looking at Farrow & Ball's "Light Blue" and a sage green of theirs called "Vert De Terre"


These are perfectly coordinated colors and I am in love with both of them.  Problem is there is no Farrow & Ball dealer in my neck of the woods and the only Ben Moore stocker is 30 miles from home.  Lowes is much closer and that brings me to the subject of this post...THE BEST PAINT TOOL ON THE WEB.

There is an online paint tool that can give you an alternate brand match to any color you want.  Using this tool I found out that Valspar's "Woodlawn Sterling"  is a match to Benjamin Moore's "Pale Smoke"...

I also found out that Valspar's "Frosty Glass" is a match for Farrow & Ball's "Teresa's Green" another gorgeous color I have been eyeing...

F&B Teresa's Green

I found matches to Farrow & Ball's Light Blue and Vert De Terre as well.

Sherwin Williams's "Magnetic Gray" is a match to F&B's  "Light Blue" and Behr's "Restful" is a match to F&B's "Vert De Terre".

You really must check this tool out!!  I know you will benefit from it greatly.

Here's how it works....

Go to their site, type in the name of the paint color you want to match.  It will show you the brand name and swatch of the color that you chose.  Next, click on the "match" button.  A list will appear with the closest match for that color in every brand that carries a match or close match.  Did that make sense?

What that means is...if you have a favorite Farrow & Ball color, you might be able to get the same or close color in a different brand and at a store that is closer to home.  This alone can save you time and money.  You will not be traveling a million miles from home to a store that carries a particular brand of paint. You can have easier access to paint samples.  You will not have to order paint online or pay outrageous shipping charges and you will not have to wait days for your paint to arrive.

This tool has already been a great help to me.  The closest Farrow & Ball stockist is 85 miles from my home.  I can get the Valspar samples to match Teresa's Green and Pale Smoke right here in town.  I can also get the Sherwin Williams sample to match Light Blue here in town.  I will not have to pay shipping charges.  I will not have to travel or order online and I will not have to wait for my samples to come in the mail. I'm so excited!!!

Anyway, it's a super cool tool.  I hope you will go over and have a look. It's absolutely fabulous!!

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  1. Great tip! I love the paint colors you included in this post. I'm a big fan of soft blues and greens!


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