Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey, hey, how are you?  I hope your weekend was good.  Mine was fantastic and yet a little unnerving at the same time.  Here's why.


You may have wondered why the sudden push to get the floors refinished, get all the painting and tweaking done around here and that's it.  We really are not finished with everything....there are a million little odd and end things to do but we felt we were done enough to go ahead and get it on the market.

Now you may be wondering why we want to sell it after all the work we've put in this place for the past five years to get it the way we want it.  Well, we decided that we want a little place out in the country. We are getting to the age where town living is just too busy an environment for us.  We want to slow down, relax and enjoy some fresh country air.  We want a place where there's less traffic, less people and more space. We want a big dog and maybe even a couple small farm animals...I was thinking a miniature horse would be soooooo sweet.

Anyway, we have our eye on a few places that would be perfect for us.  Now we just have to wait for ours to sell.  I pray for my impatient sake that it sells fast!

We've listed with Kelly Johnston at Century 21 Prestige in Steelville, Missouri and couldn't be happier with the superb service we've gotten so far.  Kelly and Nancy, Kelly's assistant, are so easy to work with, very professional and super sweet. I know they will do everything in their power to sell our home quickly and make the transition effortless for us.

The only thing I was kind of disappointed in was their listing photos.  They are kind of dark because it was such a cloudy day out. Not their fault one bit! I was going to have them swap them out with some photos I took over the weekend but it would have messed up the Youtube listing so I changed my mind.

I thought the video was pretty good so I didn't want to mess with it.  Click on the play button below to view...

However, since I took the time to take some photos of my own, I figured I would share them with you here. They're not great either, not even up to my usual standards, which is pretty low, but I want to share them anyway so you can get a good over all look at the entire house.

It's picture OVERLOAD for sure...something like 24 pictures of the inside of the house but I think you can handle it.

Lucky for you I didn't take any outdoor photos or you would be here all day.  Hehe. Their outdoor photos were good enough so I didn't bother...

Anyway, HERE GOES...

I gave the main floor bath a little makeover last weekend with new wallpaper and light fixture...

It looks nice, fresh and clean now.

As you can tell I didn't get very many good shots either as this house is just really hard to photograph but I believe they are all good enough to sell this house.

So with that, if you are interested in moving to Cuba, Missouri and want to buy an historic home, contact Kelly, she will be glad to hook you up.  Hehehe.

I will keep you in the know, I promise!!

Have a fabulous week.

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  1. Best wishes for a quick sale. You have rescued and restored a beauty!


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