Tuesday, April 19, 2016


So it's been a while...last summer to be exact...but you might remember that I made it my mission to see all four of Missouri's covered bridges.  I was able to see three of them last year but then it got too late in the year and there were too many other things that needed our attention to make a trip to the last one.  The other day; however, since the weather was so nice the hubs surprised me with a day trip to the last bridge.  Awww, thanks hubs!!

The Burfordville Bridge in Bollinger, Missouri.

So very picturesque don't you think?

This bridge leans just a tad but was safe to walk on and play on...yay!!

It is situated right next to Bollinger Mill which was a neat place to visit as well and a nice addition to our trip.

 From the inside of the mill.

See the table and chairs?...Someone was setting up for a wedding when we got there.   It's definitely a beautiful place for that!!

This is the view from the other side of the bridge.

There was also a cute a little antique shop right across the street (that I forgot to get a picture of....foooey).  The prices there were very good and I almost bought something but I have been trying to refrain from making any home decor purchases until after we get our new house....so I left the little treasure behind.  Whaaa!

Yes, I am STILL waiting for our house to sell.  Lots of lookers and a few who have looked twice.  It's just a matter of time and all will happen.  I still have faith, trust and hope in the Lord that it will be soon!!

Anyway, we had a terrific time picnicking, playing ball, antiquing and just enjoying family time together on such a gorgeous spring day here in Missouri.

Here is a little collage of all four of Missouri's covered bridges....

It's funny, the Burfordville and Locust Creek bridges look exactly alike.  I did not know that until I put this collage together but I assure you they are two different bridges in two totally different towns a few hundred miles away from each other.  Pretty neat if I do say so myself!

My next goal is to someday go to Indiana's covered bridge festival.  It takes place every October and is a traveling festival.  You travel from town to town to see each of the covered bridges.  There are food vendors, shops and markets and lots of things to enjoy along the way.  I can't wait for that!!!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE COVERED BRIDGES?  To me they are incredibly beautiful!

Since I've seen all of Missouri's covered bridges I now have to come up with new ideas for this years day trips.  Do you know of any fun places in Missouri that we should visit?  Do tell!!!

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  1. Blackwater is a neat old town, full of hospitality. I also like to go Ypsilanti Main Street in Boonville. Cute shops! Also Hrley Park overlooks the MO river which is really cool.
    Hannibal is neat too. It's along the MS river and there's lots of old houses and such to tour.


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