Friday, August 19, 2011


A few years ago while looking for new bedding for my room, I stumbled across an online store (place) called Pine Cone Hill, featuring Bella Notte Linens...there I saw the most beautiful, dreamy beds I had ever seen in my life...

...the fantastic part is you can buy any of the bedding you's ALL for sale...but then isn't everything...that is, FOR THE RIGHT PRICE...

...I am once again in the market for some new bedding, you can read about that in my previous post HERE...anyway, I took an online trip back to Pine Cone Hill to see all their beds in glorious fashion and to find a LOT of inspiration...

...I'm tellin' ya, these people really know how to make a bed...

...or NOT (my messy bed has NEVER looked this good, lol)...and I just thought you all might want to take a look at their selection, get some ideas and inspiration...and IF you have a lot of cash (you lucky dog) buy something (then you could have them ship it to my house, thanks)...I know if I had mucho greenbacks I would take one of everything (including someone to show me HOW to MAKE my bed to look like theirs)...

...anyway, If you have enjoyed the photographs on this post, take a little jaunt on over to PINE CONE HILL to see the rest of their gorgeous beds, furniture and other stuff...I promise you will be delighted, and inspired.

Disclaimer:  This is NOT a paid advertisement for Pine Cone Hill or any of their affiliates, nor have I been offered any of their products in return for this post (although if they are reading this, I would take whatever they want to give me...hint, hint).  I simply just fell in love with their stuff and thought all my bloggy friends might want to take a looksy!


  1. Hi Sheila!
    I used to visit their showroom in HighPoint every year at market. They do have glorious things.... yummy and yes, very pricey --- and I was buying at wholesale!

    Love their old-fashioned textural weaves and patterns. Things that feel and look good --- so important in bedding!

    Thanks for reminding me of them. Will go take a look.

  2. Wow! It looks like Pine Cone Hill is now trying to be like Bella Notte linens. PCH used to be all color and quilts. I will give a look.

  3. Hi Sheila,

    Debra of Common Ground forwarded your comment on my great room. Thank you so much for the suggestions! No one said anything about furniture arrangement, except you. I will certainly take them into consideration. The problem with putting the two chairs in front of the wall unit is that the tv is there and we sit in the chairs to watch it sometimes. But maybe I can move the tv somewhere else in the room. I am excited with all the advice that I have gotten. I have not one iota of decorating talent.



  4. Thanks so much for sharing their beds and bedding. I love all the creative thought put into the style of those beds.

  5. These are images from Bella Notte linens ,not pine cone hill . Please correct this .Thank you !


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