Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello everyone...while I see that you all have started the new year out feverishly working on this year's project list at your place, I have been somewhat MISSING IN ACTION...

I've not had much of a chance to work on projects around the house or do much any blogging...I did get the downstairs landing painted right before the WASHING MACHINE went out...yep, I was sitting downstairs playing on the internet waiting for my last load of laundry to finish up and then all the sudden a loud popping noise and then nothing...the clothes in the washer still dirty and very soaking wet...that was a week ago Saturday and we are still waiting for our new washer and dryer to be is supposed to be in tomorrow...crossing fingers...I don't like going to the laundramat (spelling?)

There is also another reason I have had to put household projects and blogging on hold...I have been working FEVERISHLY on some assorted craft projects for an upcoming marriage retreat in February. I can't is going to be SOOO much FUN...First Apostolic Church (my church) is hosting this retreat (February 16-18 in Branson, Missouri, Honeysuckle Inn for anyone in the area interested in coming)...and we are going to have a few things for sale there to raise money for our building fund...I am SOOO excited...this is ONE of the things I have been working on....

Embellished photo frames...of course, I got this idea from Kristen @ Kristen's Creations but took it a step farther by adding a little inspirational flair with scrapbook paper and vellum...I should've taken more pics as I have several more varieties made up but I've just not had the time for picture taking...I will take more pics before the sale, maybe even after we have everything set up to share with you...PROMISE...I will also tell you a little more about them and how I made them...but for now I NEED your help...

I have been asked to decorate for this event, SIGH, and I need some ideas...I have a few ideas of my own, but what I am looking for is some ideas that incorporate both feminine and masculine seems that when we decorate for banquets and weddings and such, they are frou frou and know an all white wedding is beautiful but it seems so "girly" to me...(yes, I know weddings are all about the bride), but a marriage retreat should be about both the wife AND husband and I want something that incorporates a little masculinity...know what I mean?   Anyway, I could use your help and ideas...I'm all ears!!!  Can't wait to hear from you...and...THANKS I knew I could depend on you!!!

Since posting this I have had a few folks ask what the space I am decorating is like and the theme of the event.  Sorry for not posting this information originally...

To be honest I am going into this blindly.  I have never personally seen this banquet room.  I have only seen the layout of the room online.  From what I can tell, the space is just a plain old square banquet room which will be filled with enough tables to accomodate around 100-150 people.  I will most likely be using round tables and white tableclothes (I may be able to get black tableclothes) from the hotels catering service.  The theme of the event is "Marriage, it's forever".  I hope this helps!  Thanks for your input!!!

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  1. Love the frame! Looking forward to more pictures. Glad to have you link up to my Show & Tell party. So, what is the space like that you have been asked to decorate? Is there an overarching theme /specific topic for the marriage retreat?


  2. I first time visitor, love your blog. The frame is wonderful. You need to give some details about the space, If this is about the couple, you could a little more rustic, incorporating their interest, hobbies etc. How their love grow and what is their common interest, vacations, faith. Besure to post pics on your theme. Kathy

  3. I love your frame! Good luck preparing for the retreat. I am sure all your projects will be a hit. Thank you so much for linking up to Savvy HomeMade Monday!

  4. The frame is so beautiful! It's got to be scary to decorate a room you've never seen. Kathy above has some good suggestions. I sure wish you the best, and be positive the event will be a great success. Thank you for sharing you creativeness at Sunday's Best


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