Thursday, February 2, 2012


With Valentine's Day fast approaching, what could be more fitting than to share some information about an up and coming site with all you PIN loving fools out there.  WE HEART IT.COM.....We Heart It is a site similar to Pinterest with one doesn't REQUIRE you to have a Facebook account to join.  I LOVE We Heart It for that reason alone and I like the fact that Pinterest and Facebook now have a little competition on the web.

If you are like me and do not have a Pinterest account simply because you DO NOT WANT a Facebook account then WE HEART IT is the site for you.  Although there is a place when creating an account with We Heart It to join friends from Facebook, Twitter or GMail, you can bypass that step and you can begin creating your own inspiration galleries with ease and there is never any fear that Facebook will be getting a hold of or publishing your personal galleries or information.  However, this is limited to hearting images within the We Heart It site.  You cannot (unless you have a Facebook or Twitter account) heart images from other sites, so there is some limitations, but We Heart It has hundreds of thousands of images you can heart within their site. 

I would like to thank Sandra (a reader of my "I Guess No Pinterest for Me" post for sharing WE HEART IT with me.  Thanks Sandra!!! According to the responses I have gotten to that particular post I believe there are a number of people out there who will benefit from this today I say to you....HAPPY HEARTING!!

I am linking this post to my "I Guess No Pinterest for Me" post so that I can pass this information along to others who would like to have their own inspiration galleries but DO NOT WANT facebook...and (since this is not an exclusionary site), those who do have Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts can join We Heart It as well.  This is NOT a paid advertisement!!!


  1. One can get a TUMBLR account and put things one likes there...I do, and I don't organize them, because the minute I did, people started 'following me'..I didn't want that, so I un-organized.I don't want to have my tumblr link to everyone searching a theme. I kind of like the jumble of travel mixed with art, mixed with architecture...It's just for me.I was thinking I would make just a recipe pinterest...but now think I will make another tumblr just for recipes, since learning about the NO FACEBOOK/ NO PINTEREST,here. I too refuse to get on the facebook wagon.
    thanks for your info.

  2. WONDERFUL...thank you so much! NO Facebook/Twitter for me...thank you for the wonderful post!


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