Monday, February 20, 2012


Marriage Retreat 2012 was here and is now gone.  We sure did have a wonderful time spending a long weekend in Branson, Missouri, the hubby and I.   We stayed at Honeysuckle Inn and Suites, where the retreat was held and we shopped at Branson Landing...I found several things at Kirklands that I just couldn't leave without and also found a few things at CJ Banks...I will let you in on all my bargains in a few days...for right now how about a few pics of the banquet room I decorated...I was so hurried that I only have two pictures of the whole event on my camera, but don't worry I will be getting some pics that my friends took soon, I hope....

I set up two vignettes for this room plus each table was decorated with a centerpiece.  (Let me just say, these photos are NOT GOOD.  When I took these shots the room was full of people and very poor lighting.  Not to mention I didn't have time to take multiple shots to get a good photo of either display...I hope to have some better shots from my friends)

This first vignette was situated beside the podium.  The chair was not originally there but a lot of couples wanted their pictures taken beside it.  One of the ladies ask if I would sell her my bird statues...I had to decline, I just could not part with them.

Everyone LOVED this second homemade framed "Mr. & Mrs." prints stole the a matter of fact I had several offers to sell the entire vignette...I have to admit I never thought I would have so many people asking to purchase these things.  After all the prints were homemade and the rest of the items were second hand finds, but everything did turn out so beautifully. 

One couple asked if I would come to their home and set it up in their bedroom for them...However, I finally agreed to sell it to the retreats guest speaker and his wife...and then agreed to make the other couple their very own special set of prints and come set up a vignette for them at their home since they live close to now the hunt is on to gather the items I need for their vignette.

I hope to be back soon with some more pics of the retreat and some of my purchases from Kirklands.  Ciao!!

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