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Have you ever wanted to post about something but it seems as if you are just too busy to get everything together right?  Perhaps you start taking pictures but then something happens and you don't get everything you need for one reason or another?  That's never happened to you? happens to me this is what I've decided to do...

I decided to put all my incomplete posts together to make one complete post...uh, to at least make it seem as if I have been doing something here, right?...Did that make sense?  Well sure it did!! LOL. 

So here goes:

I had anticipated sharing with you my homemade Easter goodies for the church bake sale.  I was going to share my cake ball recipe and take you through a little demonstration of exactly how I make them...I was also going to share my special chocolate dipped Easter egg cakes from start to finish, showed up just as I was getting ready to dip everything (which was the night before the bake sale and I HAD to get it all done)...I had gotten pictures of everything up to this point but I didn't get pictures of the dipping and finishing process as I would have just been too embarrassed to pull out the camera and start taking pictures in front of there you have it a post destroyed (two posts actually) in mid stream...but for your viewing pleasure...I share with you my yummy, delicious...Carrot Cake cake pops...from start to...well uh...somewhere between start and finish...

To begin bake your cake (whichever flavor you like) according to
package directions and allow to cool.  I chose Carrot cake.

Once cool, place whole cake in large mixing bowl.

Crumble cake!

Sorry for the blurriness!
Have ready one can frosting, whichever flavor you like.
I chose Cream Cheese flavor to go with my carrot cake.
Perfect for Easter huh?

Place entire contents of can of icing into bowl with crumbled cake.

Mix well.

Prepare cookie sheets with wax paper.

Roll mix into balls and place on cookie sheet.  Freeze overnight.
 Well, that's as far as I pictures at least.  They did get finished it's just you will never get to see the finished product as I DIDN'T GET PICTURES....I hate when that happens!  To finish these yummies off I dipped then in vanilla candy coating. Once dry I piped a cute little carrot with green top on each one with colored cream cheese icing...they turned out SOOO cute and very TASTY...I tried a few just to make sure!

Next special divinely exquisite chocolate dipped Easter egg cakes...

I use my Wilton "Egg" shaped muffin tins.  Prepare one box cake mix as directed.

Using the 1/3 cup measuring cup, fill each "egg".  Don't forget to coat your pans with
non-stick cooking spray!!

Each egg should be evenly filled.  I usually fill them 3/4 of the way full.
Bake as directed for the time allowed for "muffins".

After baking, turn out onto papertowels to cool.
To finish these, I froze them overnight then dipped them in melted semi-sweet chocolate chips until completely coated.  Once set up, I used vanilla icing and piped a cute carrot on top of each of them...These also make great "footballs" for a little boy birthday party....which is what I did for the Bubs birthday last year.  I just piped the "footballs strings" on top with white icing (no pics of those either in case you're wondering, LOL).

Anyway, these turned out really cute too, but of course you will never get to see them or drool over them because....well again...I DIDN'T get all the pictures I needed...but trust me, they were YUMMY!!!  I tried a few of these too.  Actually these are a family favorite so the whole family tried these...

Side Note:  Most times I use pound cake instead of chocolate cake for these, but you could do this with any flavor cake mix you prefer.

Okay moving right along to something COMPLETELY and TOTALLY incomplete post about houses...well, a few incomplete posts about houses..I wanted to post about the old abandoned house my sister-in-law bought....It REALLY needs a lot of work but it is soooo neat...I wanted to share with you every juicy, yet decrepit, detail of this house....sadly, all I got when I was there was a shot of the exterior...

Perhaps some day I will get back there and get all the details for you...I'm hoping!!! 

Next up...another abandoned house around the block from work...

I just love old abandoned houses, don't you!  I dream of taking a peek inside of each one...wondering who lived there in the they may have decorated it...I wonder what colors were know, if walls could talk.  This one has two screened porches...LOVE.  There is one on the back and this one on the side (which you can barely see in these photos).  I also love the round window...I would just die for a chance to look inside her.

Next, A post I have dreamed of doing for a long time but I don't think is going to least not for a while.  I wanted to do a tablescape at this place... old two room cabin here in Missouri, located just a few short miles away from where I live.  It is the Snelson-Brinker House and it has quite a history (and somewhat of a ghost story to tell) which you can read a little about HERE.  This cabin has also been the focus of a fictional book written by Richard O. Snelson called The Hawksbill Crag which I have heard is a good read.  The cabin is open to the public and I have taken a few photos, but have never been able to make it back for the tablescape I have invisioned here...

Each of the two rooms has it's own fireplace. Besides the fireplace this room
was empty.

This room also has a fireplace and a makeshift table and bench
which is the reason I want to do a tablescape here.

Makes me think of Little House on the Prairie.
Couldn't you just see a rustic yet elegant tablescape here.  I picture vintage linens and my vintage German Mountain Bell dinnerware here along with a bouquet of fresh prairie flowers.  I MUST get back here to do that!  I MUST!! When I do, whenever that might be, I will share it with you, promise!!

I also wanted to share with you my Spring decor, but this is all the farther I got this year...1 shot (a poor one at that) of my lilac bouquet...

I know, I'm pathetic aren't I?...

...and last but not least, a quick look at what I have been doing around the house...I started a redo on the bubs' room...I say started because these were pictures I took about a month or so ago and the room is still not quite done...Did I mention I work a full time day job?  That's why it TAKES.SO.LONG to get anything done around here...but I am still working on it.  He doesn't want cars like he had at the other house, so we are doing a sports room with the colors of his two favorite teams, gold & black.  I hope to show the complete reveal sometime in the near...well, perhaps distant stay tuned...

Painting in progress

Painting complete.  Paint color is Gold Buff by Valspar
 ...and there you have it posts that never quite made the cut...and other randomness...Now wasn't that fun?!!


  1. Well, variety is the spice of life, so this post was very spicy indeed. And I say if you can only do one little thing for spring decorating that it should involve lilacs, as they are my favorite. Now I must dash and see how many half-finished drafts I have sitting in Live Writer. Tonight's post on my blog was started back in February - so you are not alone.

  2. Too funny! I do the same thing all the time, too. Sometimes I have to just go back through my photos to see what I intended to post about! I've never seen that egg muffin pan, so fun!

  3. So THAT's how cake pops are made!
    Hmmm. Learn something every day, I suppose :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. So THAT's how cake pops are made!
    Hmmm. Learn something every day, I suppose :)
    Have a great weekend!


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