Friday, March 21, 2014


Whoo hooo!  It's finally the weekend.  It's been a busy week and will be an even busier weekend as I finish up painting the kitchen cabinets.  I hope to get the painting finished tonight and then get them sealed tomorrow. Whew!  I will be so happy to get this job done.  As I mentioned earlier I got the priming and part of the painting done then had to leave town, so this is how my kitchen has looked for the past 10 or more days...

Paint supplies scattered about...

Doors hanging open...(I didn't take them off the hinges because it was just easier to paint them while they were hanging.)

They are 150% brighter and whiter with just primer.  The whole kitchen looks so much cleaner and fresher already.  I can't wait to see the finished product!

I have had a few people ask why I would paint my charming, old shabby chic cabinets with all their chippy, crackling farmhouse gloriousness...and perhaps you might be wondering why too...

It's because no matter how much I wiped them down THEY WERE STILL DIRTY and dirt is my PET PEEVE!!!  I loved the shabby chic appeal but NOT the dirt, grime and grunge.  So this isn't a job I tackled just because I wanted something to do (I have plenty of things to keep myself busy for a VERY long time). This was totally necessary in order for me to retain my sanity.  They were too dirty, chipped and yellowed for me to ignore them any longer.  I guess I am just not a true shabby chic enthusiast.  However, I have noticed that the natural crackling effect, which was my favorite part, is still noticeable even after priming.  So they still look old and crackly just not old and dirty, which is a huge plus!

Anyway, once the painting and sealing is finished I have some plans for new drawer pulls and knobs.  I also have two new pendant lights that will be going over the sink...

I hope I'm done with the painting and sealing by Saturday afternoon so the hubs can install the new lights while I am working on the hardware.

I am really pushing to get these things done because I got a call Monday from the Historical Society and they are wanting to come out and take pictures of the house's interior within the next week or so.  I am excited yet terrified at the same time because I am no where near done with this place and the pictures they take will be published.

So, wish me luck and God speed to get these few projects wrapped up because then it's clean up time.  Boy oh boy, just thinking about all this work is making me tired all ready but, I have to have this house in tip top shape before the photographer gets here.

Here's hoping that YOU have a wonderful and RELAXFUL weekend! As for me, I will be working my little patooty off.

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