Monday, March 24, 2014


Happy Monday y'all!  How was your weekend?

This weekend was a productive one at my place.  I finished up painting the kitchen cabinets and installed new hardware, then the hubs installed a couple new pendant lights up over the sink for me.

I am really starting to love this little farmhouse kitchen of mine now.  What started out as a barely functional, horribly ugly, dirty and tiny little kitchen is really taking shape and just might end up being my favorite room in the whole house.  Well here, instead of me just talking about it, let me show you all the details...

Looking pretty good, huh?  The fresh white paint really brightened these cabinets up and the new hardware and lights are the icing on the cake!

We will be replacing the formica on the counter soon, I hope. I want to go with a black granite look. However, we have never worked with formica so we have kind of been putting this job off.  At $80 a sheet we would hate to botch things up, if you know what I mean. In the meantime and for the sake of pictures for the Historical Society, I am just going to glue the missing strip back on.

The new hardware is from Lowes. I suppose the old hardware would have sufficed but the knobs were stripped and kept falling off...A REAL PAIN...and the drawer pulls were fine but very utilitarian so I went with something that I feel looks more suited to this old house...BIN PULLS...

Though the new hardware set me back about $75.00, it was worth every penny!  OH, I AM SO IN LOVE!!!

I am even more in love with the new lights over the sink....

The old ones never worked right.  Not only were they too flush against the wall making it impossible to change the light bulbs, they flickered on and off too.  We never used them out of fear they would start a fire. Needless to say it was kind of hard doing dishes.

In case you are wondering, I didn't have any reservations about getting rid of the old, ugly lights either because they were NOT original to the house. The last owners ran wiring just for the sake of installing lights over the sink but put them in a bad spot and then wired them wrong...the dummies! But now we have LIGHTS, real working, correctly wired lights over the sink. The hubs rewired everything, including the switch and outlet and installed the new fixtures in a better spot. He's such a sweetie!!! Now if I could just get him to do the dishes, hehehe.

I chose inexpensive pendant fixtures from Lowes in brushed nickel ($15.00 each) and added beautiful mother of pearl mosaic globes (Lowes $17.00 each)...


While I still have bunches of projects left to do in here like...install new Formica counter tops,  make window treatments and paint the ceiling...just to name a few, I am so very happy with how this sweet little farmhouse kitchen is coming along.

Until next time, have a wonderful day!

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  1. What a fabulous kitchen!! And the that! Some friends just gave us a double bowl version but we had already done our counters last summer. Luckily, another friend wants the sink for her kitchen so I'm sure she will love seeing yours. So much detail and personality. Love it!!

  2. Your kitchen is looking fabulous. I love the lights and that sink is to die for. Hugs, Marty P.S. Be sure to link up to Inspire Me this afternoon.


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