Monday, November 16, 2015


Hi guys.  Just a short post to issue a warning to all of you decor loving, pretty landscape loving bloggers out there.  As you know, I have adorned the sidewalk in front of my home with pathway lights....LOTS of pathway lights.

I love how they look and how much light they give off when I come home after dark but...WARNING... we decor loving bloggers aren't the only ones who love these little lights...apparently Meth cookers do too!!

I came home from work a few weeks ago to discover that all my pathway lights were missing.  At first I thought nothing of it because the hubs had been working in the yard and I figured that he must have moved them and forgot to put them back....BUT...he assured me that he hadn't touched them!!!  So, we were scratching our heads wondering what in the world happened to our lights.  We found the answer on the play back of our video camera security system...

Now isn't that something....This happened on October 23 at around 3 a.m.  Did you notice that our thief was wearing a Scream movie mask?  Pause the video when he looks up to see it better. It's really easy to see on our 16 inch monitor but this is a cellphone video of the original video so it's kind of hard to make out. Sorry for the quality this was the only way I could get it to post.

Anyway, I am VERY freaked out at the very thought of some stranger in a scary, creepy mask being in my yard in the wee hours of the morning while my family was in bed sleeping to take what did't belong to him.

Truthfully I was somewhat befuddled as to why he would take something like cheap solar lights.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out why he would want those. Then one of my friends from another law firm told me that meth addicts use the lithium strips from the rechargeable batteries in solar lights to make meth.  Who knew?  So, this post is my little PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT to you all warning you to keep an eye on your solar lights. Get a good quality camera system installed or just get rid of your pretty lights if you don't want a crazy drug induced, drug motivated wacko stealing them right out from under your noses.

It's so sad to me that decent, law abiding citizens can't enjoy the smallest of pleasures nowadays because of the drug situation in this country.  It's a real shame that stores have to keep lithium batteries and cold medicine under lock and key and I guess now they are going to have to keep solar lights under lock and key too....and...what are the people who buy them supposed to do?...Chain them to the ground? Glue the batteries in?...What is this world coming too? One just does not understand this madness!

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