Monday, February 8, 2016


So I mentioned the other day that I have been teaching myself to crochet...with the help of Youtube and other visual sights, of course.

My mom crocheted all the time when I was growing up and, while I tried to learn it as a youngster, I never quite got the hang of it...I guess my left handed brain just couldn't wrap itself around it or something.  Nevertheless I gave up and decided that it was a hobby better suited for old people anyway.  Well I guess the day has come...I am now officially OLD because I have once again tried my hand at crochet...and I am succeeding this time around.  What's more, I have found it to be quite fun and relaxing.  Intriguing actually, because there are SOOOO many beautiful things you can achieve just by weaving a little yarn together.

You might ask why I have decided to take up crochet.  Actually I am not "taking up" crochet as a new full time hobby.  I just decided that there was something I wanted to make for my new boutique that I am wanting to start.  There are LOTS of handmade things and DIY projects I am going to be making for my little store and I had to start somewhere.  Most of the big stuff is going to have to wait until I have a craft room again but I figured I could do the little things while I am waiting for that craft room.

Anyway long story short, I want to carry some spa like bath and body essentials, like handmade bath poufs in my little store.  I got the bright idea to make crocheted bath poufs...loofahs...from natural fiber materials.  I thought about hiring someone I know who crochets to make them for me but I really want everything I sell to be made with my own hands...That was a pretty BIG issue on this one since I didn't know how to crochet!! However, I was determined that I could make this happen and went in search of some tutorials.  I found everything I was looking for including the patterns.  Even better I found tutorials, which I truly needed, because I had no idea how to follow the patterns or make the different stitches.

Truth be told, crocheting is really pretty easy once you learn how to make each stitch and I think I am doing pretty good for someone who couldn't even do the chain stitch just a few short weeks ago.

See for yourself...

I found the pattern for the ruffled loofah on Youtube and the pattern for the chain loop loofah HERE.  I found the bobble or "popcorn" pattern on another sight and adapted it to form the round shape for a loofah.

Unfortunately these are made with acrylic yarn instead of all natural materials.  I was planning to use cotton but was warned that these might be too dense to dry properly and could mildew.  It was said that acrylic dries faster and won't mildew and was the better choice so I had to compromise in this situation.  However, I still think they are absolutely wonderful and will be a big seller...besides isn't the texture to die for?  Yes, I think a big bowl full of these sitting on any bathroom vanity would be simply gorgeous.

Each texture has a different feel on your skin.  The lumpy one is perfect for massage. The loopy one is soft and luxurious and the ruffled one is great for exfoliation.

I am SOOO glad I finally learned to crochet.  My mind is churning with all the beautiful and beneficial things I can make now with my few found skill.

Until next time, have a good one!!!



  1. Oh, wow! These are SO neat! I would love to try these. I LOVE to crochet and have been working on trying to use up any leftover yarn in our home, as we continue to minimize and downsize. I have been making a lot of dishcloths to give away as Christmas presents, Lord willing. I am so thankful to have found your blog again and enjoyed visiting with you tonight! God bless you!

  2. Would you be willing to share your pattern for the popcorn stitch? It is so lovely. Thanks

  3. I agree, the bobble stitch loofah is so pretty and unique! Even an approximation for the pattern would be helpful and very appreciated. Is there a sponge in the center of it?


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