Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Does anybody use bar soap anymore?

I will admit that I have been using liquid body wash for many years.  I just don't like how store bought bar soap makes my skin feel and truthfully, liquid soap is easier to use....You squirt a little onto your loofah and suds away.  Plus, you never have to worry about the soap slipping out of your hands and smashing onto the shower floor like you do with bar soap...and there is never any puddles of gooey, gloppy, melting soap on the shower shelf.

HOWEVER, I am dead set on carrying some homemade, organic bar soaps in my someday boutique.  Soaps that are actually good for your skin with essential oils and vitamins that really do moisturize instead of dry your skin.  Soaps that are chemical free unlike the soaps (bar or liquid) that you find in the stores.  With that said, I had to find something that will make my bar soaps easier to use...you know, so we can thwart the bending over and picking up the soap off the shower floor when it slips from your hands problem.

I thought about doing "soap on a rope" but even with that, once the soap melts enough the rope falls off and you are still left with bar soap that just won't stay in your hands.  That just won't do! However, with my new found skill of crochet, I have found the answer to the bar soap conundrum.  The solution....SOAP SACKS!!!

They are little drawstring cinch sacks made to hold soap...bar soap, and they work great!!!  These are made from 100% cotton yarn in three different patterns.

We have the "Massaging" soap sack...the raised bobble stitch is good for messaging your sore aching body.

The "Exfoliating" soap sack does just that...exfoliates and sloughs off dead dry skin and would be great on your knees and elbows...but gentle enough for your face too.

The "Sudsy" sack has plenty of "holes" to produce lots of suds.  Everyone likes suds and I'm sure everyone is going to love these soap sacks.

These are really simple to use.  You simply slide your bar of soap into the top of the sack and pull the string to close it; then, use it like you would a loofah or soap on a rope.  It's that easy and when your soap runs out you just pop in another bar.  There's never any waste either.  Unlike liquid soap it will not spill and go down the drain and when the bar you have in there gets too small just add another bar to the sack.

These would be great for kids too as there would be no more accidents of spilled liquid soap or the temptation to use the entire bottle for one bath.  Everything they need is in the bag...literally.

One more great thing about these sacks is that when you are done in the shower you can hang it, soap and all, by the string to dry...which means no more melting soap sitting in a puddle....SEE THESE REALLY ARE A GREAT SOLUTION TO THE BAR SOAP PROBLEM!!!

Since I hadn't made any homemade organic soaps to try out in my sacks yet, I decided to try the new Aloe and Avocado soap from Yardley London.  It smells great and the avocado oil is really good for the skin.

I have to say I think these little sacks are going to be a big hit in the boutique...and if there really isn't anyone using bar soap anymore...I can call them "Money" sacks and sell them as change purses.  Ha.

Hey now there's an idea!! LOL

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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  1. I love these! I use glycerin soap. It makes the shower get soap scum quickly but it's fantastic on my skin. I totally need one of these sacks. Are you selling before your shop opens?


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