Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Hello!  What a lovely day don't you think?  Well it was until I was scammed and purchased an imposter.

As you know, I have been making all sorts of things lately for my little business....homemade soaps, dusting powders and such with all natural, organic ingredients.  As I was gathering all my ingredients to make solid lotion bars today I discovered I was out of coconut oil so I ran to the store and purchased this stuff...

I thought I got a good deal because it was only $7.09 for a 27 oz. jar.  It says it's certified organic.and it is sporting a trusted household name...Crisco.

I noticed at the store that it looked a little different but I figured it was just the packaging. It wasn't until I got home and opened the container that I realized there was something seriously wrong with this oil.  Not only did it look totally different from any other organic coconut oil I have ever bought, it didn't have the same lovely coconut aroma, taste or feel either.  I was totally disappointed.  This was not what I expected...although I should have known something was wrong because it was so much cheaper than the other brands.  Don't you know it's one of those things that I should've remembered... you always get what you pay for!!

Anyway, I did a little research and found out that it truly is an imposter coconut oil.  It "may" be made with organic coconuts (which I highly doubt) but it is so processed and refined that there is NO true coconut oil benefits left in it and it certainly should NOT be used in any skin care or hair care product or regimen.

I wish I would have read all the reviews on Crisco's sight before buying this stuff.  That alone would have been enough to leave it on the shelf.

It's sad that Crisco would market something as pure and organic to deceive everyone. Even worse that they leave a little word liked "refined" off their label to deceive people further. Even if this stuff was made with pure organic coconuts, they have processed it to death, so much so that you are basically left with tasteless, disgusting, good for nothing saturated fat. YUCK!!!

What's more, in my research I found out that Crisco is owned by the Smuckers Company which supports GMO's and false labeling...hmmm, no kidding....of course I suppose that's old news to everybody but me since I do not normally buy Crisco or Smuckers products.

Anyway my point today is this...head my warning....DO NOT BUY CRISCO COCONUT OIL!!!  It is NOT what you think it is...it is an imposter...it is a WASTE of your hard earned money and it is NOT good for you. PERIOD!!!

Now I guess it looks like I have pretty much thrown $7.09 away and I am going to have to make another trip to the store today.  CRISCO I WANT A REFUND!!

P.S.  This post was not meant to be negative or critical of any company or brand. I am simply sharing my experience so that it will hopefully help some other health conscience, consumer conscience person along the way.

Have a great one!!


  1. That's a SHAME!! I make soap for my own personal use. I too would be angry! Just curious? Have you made any lard soap? It may be a "tough" sell. I seem to see more & more "animal free" products... My soap is just for me and I love the results with lard; doesn't dry and makes a nice lather too.
    On another subject, I posted on your "new house" page as anonymous because I forgot my google password :o

  2. Me again ;) I was closing windows & found where your blog was discovered! Pinterest of course. I found so many neat things & blogs via Pinterest. You - rather your house, was here https://www.pinterest.com/pin/122582421083553036/

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