Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Sorry it has been such a long time since posting.  Just as I was getting ready to share this DIY faux capiz shell chandy, I realized my camera card reader was missing.  I had to order a new one.

Anyway, here is a somewhat short tutorial in case you want to make one of these GORGEOUS faux capiz shell chandys for yourself...or a friend...or just because they are so stinkin' gorgeous...

So how do you make one of these lovelies you ask?

First, find yourself a couple embroidery hoops in two or three different sizes...depending on how many tiers you want.

I used three different sizes...12", 9" & 5"  and wrapped them in jute twine for a truly coastal look...

or if you are looking for something easier than spending hours wrapping them...get out some spray paint.

I left extra long strings of jute twine coming down off the largest hoop so I could tie my smaller hoops to it to form a base to hang all my "capiz" shells from so I would get my tiered effect.

Once I had the base done it was time to make the shells...using WAX PAPER...A little note...the wax paper from dollar tree WILL NOT work.  It must be Reynolds brand or similar.  The nice thing about wax paper is that it is cheap everywhere.  The Reynolds brand was only $1.34 at Walmart.  You will most likely need 2 boxes.

Stack 3 to 4 sheets of wax paper together and iron on low heat until they fuse together...briefly touch the iron to do not have to hold it in place.  Move the iron around until everything is fused.

Once you have several sets of stacked, ironed paper it's time to make "shells" from it.  I wanted round shells in 2" and 1" sizes.  I already had circle punches at home to make them.  However, if you do not have any punches available you can simply cut the paper into squares.

I will just say that you are going to need A LOT of circles (squares, etc.) project took about 250 more or less to finish.

Once you have all your "shells" sew them together with a straight stitch with your sewing machine. This is easy and doesn't take long at all.

Next I cut my strands into 5 shell lengths and hot glued the 5 shell lengths 1" apart onto my jute twine chandelier base starting at the bottom of the base.

Keep gluing until the whole base is covered with shells.

That's it!!

Using more twine secure your Capiz Shell Chandelier to your ceiling light fixture and you're DONE.

Super easy...though somewhat time consuming...and CHEAP.  This whole project cost me less than $5.

I found my embroidery hoops at a thrift store for .25 each. $1.35 roll for wax paper and $1 for spool of twine.

Now go out and make one of these beauties!!


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