Friday, February 10, 2017


Well things certainly seem to be moving slow but we have made a WEE LITTLE progress this week. The wall opening we created has been drywalled, taped, mudded, sanded and painted.

I am not a professional drywaller but I think I did a pretty good job.  Most of the surround will be covered in trim anyway, so no one will notice the imperfections in my work on that.  I did make sure the exposed areas were nice and tidy.  ;)

I did not install any trim like I was planning because I have pretty much decided it was best to do all that last.  We need to get the cabinets and counters in place before the one side of the opening can be finished, so it was just best to wait on all the trim work.

Some GREAT news is that all the carpenter glue came off the hardwood floors we uncovered.  We used super hot water and a buffer with sanding screen...That's it, no chemicals and no scraping or scrubbing.  I couldn't believe it!!!  It worked like a charm and now we are ready to give it all a final sand and then we will stain and seal it.  I am SUPER THRILLED this all worked as I really did not want to use laminate.

The windows we ordered came in the other day and we got them installed this week.  I am SUPER, SUPER EXCITED about these.  They are double hung windows, which mean both the top and bottom windows tilt in for cleaning. I can't express enough how happy that makes me.  Cleaning our 78 year old windows....running in and out of the house and climbing up and down the latter...and spending  A WHOLE DAY cleaning windows is a serious drag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  These will make that job SOOOO much easier!

AND THE BIGGEST NEWS this week....our new cabinets arrived yesterday....YAAAAYYY.

We purchased the Hampton Bay prefinished white shaker style cabinets from Home Depot. They are GORGEOUS.  I wish I had a better picture to show you but we have not unpacked any of them yet.

I only wish we were ready to install them but, we still have lots to do.  The main thing holding us up is getting the floors finished.  We will be working on that over the weekend and hopefully we will be ready to install the cabinets by next weekend.  We shall see!

Anyway, I will be sure to keep you updated.


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