Monday, April 3, 2017


I know you have been waiting FOREVER for the full reveal of the new kitchen.  Sorry I cannot show that yet but I promise it will be soon.  We have been super always happens around this time of year...with extra things going on at church and with family so every Saturday (weekend) is pretty much a bust to get things done at home.  That's just the way it goes sometimes!  I did get a chance to work on blinging up the overhead light fixture in the kitchen though. YAY!!

The whole light fixture thing was somewhat of a debate.  My SIL thought I should replace the old vintage light fixture (since I was replacing everything else) with something a little more kind of go along with the chandelier in the dining room...and at first the hubs did too....UNTIL...he realized it would be him doing all the work to take the old fixture down and put a new one up.  Then suddenly the old light fixture was plenty good enough.  LOL!!

Truthfully...AND ODDLY...I wanted to keep the old fixture.  It's original to this old house and the old bell type fixtures are back in style....farmhouse there was no need to replace it.

We saved some moolah too so that's good but, I didn't think it would hurt to add a little bling to it...You know, to make my SIL happy and add a little blingy fanciness to the kitchen because it really does need something to tone down the industrial vibe I ended up with.  Plus, I figured a little bling never hurt anything!!!!

This is kind of what I had in mind except for without the white crackle look...

The original chrome shade works better for me...though I could paint it later on if I need to.

I had a ton of leftover beads from stringing the dining room chandy so I used those and an old trivet similar to the one below that I found at the thrift store for $1 to add all my bling to the fixture without having to take it down....

The hubs cut out the center ring of the trivet so it would fit around the globe of the light fixture, then I propped it on a soda bottle to make it easier to hang the strands of beads on...

After looking at this I think I went a little sparse on beads but I mainly wanted to make sure this was going to work out before putting myself through any more work in it.

It worked great and I will be sure to add plenty more beads when I replace the frosted glass globe for a clear one later on.  I am officially on the hunt for a clear globe.  I hope it don't take me too long to find what I am looking for.

Well I guess that's it for today.  I will be back soon with the full reveal....I PROMISE!!!!

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