Tuesday, March 21, 2017


You are in for a treat...TWO posts in one day!  Boy am I on a roll...lol.

I charged my phone and was able to access the pictures of the counter top installation so I figured I would just go ahead and share instead of leave you hangin'.

I have to say it was a very interesting process.  We ordered the stone through Home Depot and Home Depot in Manchester, Missouri subcontracts Hallmark Stone in Fenton, MO to do their installs.  I have to say from start to finish I was VERY impressed with Hallmark.  They made the install painless and were a pleasure to work with.  I can't thank them enough for treating us so well.

They came out the first time and made a template for the counters...which like a dummy I didn't take any pictures of.  SORRY!!!

Two weeks later they came out and installed the custom cut quartz slabs.

The stone is so heavy they had to bring the slabs in the house on a cart.

Once inside the house it took two of them to set them in place and if the truth be told they probably could have used a third or fourth person.

All I can say is I hope these guys get paid good.  They deserve it.  Not only did the set the countertops in place.  They installed my undermount sink, put in the bracket for the dishwasher and caulked everything.  Now that is service.  It's rare to find or get that kind of service these days.

I think the most impressive part in the whole thing is that the template guys were only at the house for about 30-45 minutes, maybe and hour and did PERFECT templating...and the cut stone was just as perfect...even where they had to notch out for the part of the wall we had to leave in on the peninsula. I really can't praise Hallmark Stone enough for a job well done.

I can't tell you how much I love them.  Not only are they gorgeous but easy to use.  Quartz is the most popular material of choice right now for countertops....even more so than granite.  They are maintenance free and shouldn't stain, etch or scratch.

I'm tellin' ya, this is a dream come true for me.  I hope they are worth the money...nearly $3000....GULP!!!! I KNOW, RIGHT?  But they should last forever and since I went with a classic marble design they should never become outdated either.

Well there you have it....Silestone White Arabesque Quartz...fully installed and beautiful.

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