Monday, March 6, 2017


Okay, we made some serious progress on the kitchen in the past week.  We got the last of the cabinets installed and pretty much all the appliances in too.  Let me just tell ya, getting the fridge in the house was a nightmare. Not only was it the coldest and windiest night of the year, at midnight we were taking the door off the house and still had some issues with the screen door as well.  What a complete mess....definitely not something I want to do again.  Haha...but we got it in and all is well!

Anyway, all we really have left to do on our part until the countertops go in on Friday is some finishing work.  Lots of caulking and painting. O JOY!!! Once the counters go in we can install the backsplash, sink, faucet and dishwasher and this kitchen remodel will be DONE!!!  Yay!.

Now my kitchen is very small and very specific when it comes to measurements for things like cabinets on the refrigerator side of the room.  I wanted to have a pantry on either side of the fridge but there were limited size options for pantries in the Hampton Bay line of cabinets so I only had enough room for one pantry...with about 12" of space left over so I had to get creative when it came to making everything fit and had to do somewhat of a custom build on the one side of the fridge. I used a couple 12" cabinets, some cube systems and a whole lot of trim but I think once it's all painted out, it's gonna look nice.

I had a hard time finding baskets in the size and color I wanted but I think these cute Ikat print bins will work out just fine, though they are a little smaller than what I wanted.

They will hold things like bread, snacks, etc. and I think we are going to like using them.

We got the toekicks on and most of the hardware installed over the weekend.

I still have to put knobs on the cabinet doors which will only take a few minutes.

We got the peninsula finished out too.

I trimmed it out in the shaker style to kind of mimic the cabinets.I really like how it turned out. Now
all that's left to do there is some painting.

Well that's it for now.  I probably won't be back until everything is finished which I hope to be next Monday or Tuesday.

Though this is something I have wanted to do for a long time, I will be SOOOOOO glad to get this job behind us.  It's looking really good and I can't wait to start using this kitchen.

What do you think out first meal should be? Any recipe suggestions?

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