Tuesday, March 21, 2017


This post should have been written a week ago but I've been too lazy to take pics.  As a matter of fact I still have not taken pics.  The ones you are going to see today are from the hubs' phone...which means they aren't very good.  :).

As you know the counters were installed a week ago this past Friday.  It was a very exciting day to say the least.  I took pics of the installation but I will have to share those later because they are on my phone....which is dead at the moment.  LOL.

Anyway, without further ado, here are a few pics of the counters and backsplash.

I still have to grout.  I started last night and got about halfway done and ran out of grout...I bought the premixed which was probably a mistake.  It said it would cover 50 sq. ft.  Well, I don't know how they measure sq. ft. but it only covered about 8 of my sq. ft....so now I have to make another trip to the store.  Yay me!

The counters are White Arabesque Quartz from Silestone and they are GORGEOUS!!!  Best choice ever!  Hallmark Stone in Fenton, Missouri templated and installed and I can't say well enough about them.  They were super nice and did an awesome job.  The templating process took about an hour and then the install took about another hour.  Super fast and I have to tell you I was impressed with everything from start to finish.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone putting stone counters in.  Okay so enough about that....

They installed the undermount sink while they were there and then hubs installed the faucet and stuff.  It's really great to having running water again.  I missed it much.

One...just one...of my favorite parts that we did in this kitchen was install an outlet with USB ports.  It was expensive $26 but well worth it as I know it will be used A LOT!!!  Really there is no excuse for my cell phone to be dead right now.  Ooooops!!!!  Hehe

Well with the counters in place we are now COOKING in this kitchen.  Cooking with GAS!  It's been great and with the layout and design of this kitchen now I have plenty of prep space.

Maybe in the future I will share some cooking videos.  That would be fun!!  I have just a few finishing touches...some painting mainly...and this kitchen remodel will be done.   YAY!!!

I will be sure to share pretty full view pics as soon as I get everything finished up.

Until then, have a fantastic life.


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