Wednesday, April 13, 2011


On my little LUNCH time drive yesterday, I spotted these cute little PURPLE flowers....

...yes, I know they're just WEEDS...but I couldn't resist stopping and PLUCKING them right up out of the ground...after all I needed a little JOY for my desk at's just such a dismal place most days...

...I stopped at the thrift store behind the office and found the SWEET little white vase for .25 cents...It was just the PERFECT size for my little ROADSIDE BOUQUET...


  1. How pretty are those flowers! That vase worked out perfectly and such a great price. I bet it brightened up your work space nicely Ÿ

  2. Oh Sheila what a pretty bouquet! I wonder if "weeds" are in God's vocabulary- since He created all things certainly a humble roadside flower is beautiful in His sight! Gosh this is reminding me - I sometimes feel so insignificant- just a week and yet in God's eyes.....

    bee blessed

  3. should have been weed not week!


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