Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Well as you all know, we began the process a while back to paint the exterior of our home.  It took more than a few months to scrape, sand and smooth out some of the more than 70 years worth of paint from the exterior of this house.  You can read about that HERE. Thankfully we have now begun the painting process and I AM SO EXCITED!!!

We chose to use Duramax paint by Valspar.  Really good stuff by the way.  I have nothing bad to say about this paint.  For the body of the house we chose a color called Gray Silt in the flat sheen and for the trim we chose Chef White in satin.   They look fabulous together!

We are really liking the new color.  It looks a little more gray in these pictures because of the lack of sun but it is a beautiful greenish gray.  Formerly both the body and trim of the house were white and because of that the beauty of the trim work was pretty much hidden, but I am loving the contrast between them now.

To date we have one coat on two sides and are getting ready to start the third side.  Painting is going much faster than scraping but we still have tons of work left so it's going to be while yet before we finish up.  Since fall has hit in full force here in Missouri we can only work when the weather cooperates but we are on a roll now and WE WILL GET THIS DONE!!!

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