Friday, August 9, 2013


We had a little surprise sitting on our doorstep when we got home from church late Wednesday evening...

A sweet little female kitten...very tiny and very young at about 4 weeks old.  Not even ready to be weened yet.  We are not sure how she made it up the steps to the door or who might have dropped her off there, but it is for certain we weren't looking for a new addition to the family in the way of a furry little kitten. However, we just couldn't say no especially since she was sick and needed immediate medical attention.  Besides, she is just sooooo sweet and has such a gentle spirit.

This precious little baby had a prolapsed rectum....(viewer discretion advised as the following picture is very gross and ugly)...

When we first found her we thought she might have to be put down.  We didn't know what exactly was wrong with her at the time and we certainly didn't know if she could be fixed but we got her into the vet right away and had her fixed right up.  The vet said this was a pretty common problem with small kittens who are born in the wild or to an "infested" mother.  This little girl was infested with fleas as well and already had a few maggots.  That problem was taken care of too and she is on antibiotics.

Yesterday was a pretty tough day for her but she is doing fine now.  She is starting to eat again thank goodness.  We were a little worried there for a while.  We have her on kitten formula feeding her with an eyedropper every two hours.  She must have been feeling a lot better this morning because she curled up on my chest after feeding and started purring.  She has truly stolen our hearts.

I will share her progress and more pics in a few days.  Please say a little prayer for her if you would as she is not completely out of the woods yet.  She is still a pretty sick little girl.

We haven't officially given her a name, but the kids think "Miracle" would be a good one.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

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