Thursday, August 1, 2013


Happy Thursday everyone!  I am really stoked today as this is my last day of work before vacation.  Well, I should call it a workation (new word I just made up).  When a family goes camping it usually involves more work for the mother than if she just stayed home.  I know you all know what I mean!

There is laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and packing EV.ER.Y.THING., including the kitchen sink and that's before you even head out the door.  It's like moving just for a four day trip.  See...WORKATION!!!

Speaking of kitchen sinks though, I spotted an E-article about kitchen remodels this morning that I think you all might be interested in reading.  Well that is if you are planning a little kitchen remodeling in your future.  If you are already in the process of a major kitchen remodel this is a must read!!!  You might find out that some of the "now" things that you are considering for your remodel are not your best choices and why.  The title...

I so want drawer cabinets in my kitchen instead of the usual doors.  So deep and everything is easy access without having to get on your hands and knees to search for it.

Some of the now things YOU SHOULD CONSIDER are:

--Large base kitchen drawers to house small appliances, pots, pans and cleaning supplies.  It keeps them easily accessible.

--Under the counter microwave.  Microwaves mounted above the stove are not easily accessible and cause more burns from spills.

--Stainless steel appliances and sink.  They are timeless and will not become outdated quickly.

--Natural stone countertops such as quartz and granite.  They also are timeless and will not quickly become outdated.

Some of the now things YOU SHOULD AVOID are:

--Large custom built range hoods.

--Full wall, under cabinet backsplashes.  You only need a 4-6 inch backsplash.  Anything more is a waste of money and will be out of date within the next few years.

--Appliance garages.  These are already out of date.

--Farmhouse apron sinks.  These are quickly becoming outdated.

--Built in desk area and phone niches.  These are already out of date.

With all that said, kitchen remodels are incredibly expensive so it's important that you make wise decisions as to where and how you spend all that money.  You definitely do not want to be spending money on things that are going to be considered outdated or out of style within a year or two after your remodel.

The above linked article could help you to make the right decisions now so that you end up with a timeless, classic kitchen that is enjoyable and beautiful for years to come.  It's well worth the read!  ENJOY!

Well, I'm outta here.  Getting ready for my workation.  Hope you all have a fantastic and relaxing weekend.  Ciao!!!


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  2. Thanks for sharing the article! I could see why I should avoid the stuff mentioned. Some built-ins are usually impractical as it is harder for them to detach and replaced once they get outdated, and their interiors and its content are easily affected if there are leaks coming from the walls. Arthur

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  4. You are so right, those phone stations are already out of date. I want to do some kitchen remodeling in East Lansing. This would be the perfect thing!

  5. “Kitchen remodels are incredibly expensive so it's important that you make wise decisions as to where and how you spend all that money.” – Well said! You wouldn’t want to invest on something that wouldn’t be useful for a long time. To sum up what you put here; avoid something semi-permanent like built-ins and outdated materials. Byron @

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  8. These are great points to consider! Not only do they contribute to the aesthetics of the kitchen, but also to the functionality and ease while working your way around the room.

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