Thursday, April 3, 2014


Happy day before Friday everyone!  How are you enjoying spring so far?  The weather has not been very cooperative here to do much of anything outdoors's been chilly, dreary and rainy for the most part, but it won't be long until those warm, breezy days of spring are here to stay.

The one thing I am most looking forward to this spring is getting the chance to do a little al fresco dining...I just love eating in the great outdoors, don't you? There is something about it that is so invigorating, yet relaxing at the same time. I guess it's breathing in all that fresh air.

Now most of us, or at least those of us in my social circle, when we talk about eating outdoors, we think of bbq or picnic food with paper plates and red solo cups...can you relate?...and there's NOTHING wrong with that.  However, I'm thinking that this year it's time to take al fresco dining to a whole new level at my house.  It's time to make the family feel as special as guests.  In the words of's time to "KICK IT UP A NOTCH". Let's break out the tablecloths, linen napkins, stemware, good china and fine silver and have dinner, lunch or a graduation party...OUTDOORS...

I have conjured up some lovely photos to give me a little inspiration in this area.  I thought you might enjoy them too.

Fair warning....Hang onto your seats, because you are about to get INSPIRATION OVERLOAD...

Now this is FINE outdoor dining/living.  What what beautiful place! The pavilion I am trying to rent for Sis's graduation party looks kind of like this, only it doesn't have the fancy furniture....but I think I could do something nice with it.

But you don't have to have a fancy place to set a nice outdoor table...or have fancy things for that matter.

I love this idea of using an old tool caddy for herbs and using terra cotta pot bottoms for serving salad.

My outdoor table is round.  Perhaps I could do something like this.

Or maybe I might set up a little area under the carport we added to the garage last year.

Perhaps I might be able to sneak in an al fresco dinner for two sometime when it's just me and the hubs at home.

Or perhaps a little garden party with friends might be fun.

Now this place, this is a place I would love to dine.  To me this would be finer dining than the finest restaurant in the world.  It's so serene and peaceful.  This is what I would picture heaven to be like or maybe this is the hidden garden of Eden.

I don't have any wisteria dripping from the rafters of my garden but wouldn't this be a lovely place to eat.  I bet is smells divine.

I don't have any views like this at my house but I live in MISSOURI so I know of several places like this where I can set up a nice picnic dinner for the family.

I might not have dripping wisteria but I think I could have some paper lanterns dripping from the trees in the backyard.  Now that's an idea!

Even just a morning cup of coffee out on the porch would be so nice.  Especially if I get to share with a friend.

Boy oh boy, I need to plant me some wisteria...perhaps I could let it climb up the legs of the carport and by the end of summer could throw a little party like this.

But if not, I can still do a little al fresco dining...It doesn't have to be fancy...and I suppose paper plates and red solo caps will do as long as I get to spend some time with family and friends outdoors this year. The weather's warming up and IT'S ALMOST TIME TO DINE AL FRESCO SYTLE.  I can't wait!

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