Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Happy day everyone!  I hope your week is going swell.  Mine, great!

I don't know if you will remember but WAY back in December I promised to share details of my new (and perfect) curtains with you.  I have never done that. SHAME ON ME!  Truthfully though they were NOT perfect...hence the reason you have not seen them.  Once again they were too short...just like all of the other store bought curtains I have tried over the past 3 1/2 years.  I had intended on lengthening the new ones with the extra panel that I purchased but I just didn't like the idea of having a noticeable seem on the lower one third so I changed my mind.

Truthfully, dressing the windows in this house has been a VERY frustrating nightmare for me.  All of which is completely my fault.  You see I could have once again made my own curtains like I've done for all the other houses I've lived in but I really just wanted the convenience of store bought curtains.  You buy them. You hang them.  You're done!  BOY WAS I WRONG!!!, and it took me three tries and lots of money to figure that out. Now I will tell you that I could have purchased curtains in the right color and right length...IF I had about $400.00 to spend on curtains.  That's right! The right ones, the perfect ones, are too expensive; so, I decided that I would go ahead and make my own after all.  In hind sight I wish I would have just made my own to begin with.  I could have saved myself so much time and trouble.

Anyway, after searching for fabric for the past couple months I finally stumbled across just what I was looking for at good ol' Wal-mart.  Can you believe it was on sale for $1.00 a yard?  The problem, there was only 5 2/3 yards left on the bolt and I had two windows to cover.

I wasn't sure it would be enough but I bought it anyway.  After all I would only be losing $5.60 if not.


I had just enough to cover both the dining room and living room windows...

I even had enough fabric to give them a nice wide hem.

It feels really good to finally be DONE with this curtain issue...and not a moment too soon since the photographer from the National Historic Society is coming on Thursday.  WHEW!

In other news, LEO'S BACK...

I can't help it.  As outdated as he is (or at least that's what some people say), I like him there over the mantel.  It just doesn't feel like home without him.  Besides, it's my house and I should get to decorate it with what I love, even if it is outdated, right?  So he's back...

Maybe someday I will find a suitable replacement for him.  Until then, he stays!

Since I put the faux greenery (which I know is a decorating no-no) back on the mantel with Leo, I decided to balance everything out by adding a little greenery to the side tables as well...

Yeah, I know it's not real but it doesn't look THAT bad.  Besides there's no watering required. Hahaha!

Also, I did get that frame and huge mirror that my MIL gave me, and that I told you about a few weeks ago, fixed....

Now I am waiting for it to be hung.  I need help with this one because it weighs at least 50 lbs.  We are going to try to do that tonight and then Wednesday night is cleaning night.  I have to make sure this house is spotless before that photographer gets here.  Oh the pressure!

See you soon!

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  1. Love all of this decor! I especially like your curtains. They turned out amazing!


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