Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Top of the morning to ya!

I mentioned last week that I was wanting to plant some mums down the front walk.  Well I got those Mums planted over the weekend...

What, Mums in spring?  Are you scratching your heads wondering why in the world I would be planting Mums in the spring?  After all Mums are fall flowers, right?

Yes they are!  Interestingly enough though, young tender Mums should be planted in the spring so they will have time to become established and mature into big bushy balls of flowers by time fall comes around.  So you might say I am planning ahead.  I want a nice display of mums and pumpkins this fall.  Besides, they are CHEAPER right now.  (In the fall I will be planting Tulips and Hyacinth, what?)  They will come up next spring.

Anyway, in our planting zone (5) Mums are perennials.  As long as we don't have too rough of a winter, they will come back and get bigger and better with each passing year.  Plus they can be divided every two or three years.  I love that!  More Mums for me...or I might be willing to share, if you're nice.

Anyway, I planted them and then I PRAYED for them (because well, I don't have much of a green thumb).

They look like brave little soldiers all in a row...

The purple variety is my all time favorite...can you tell?

I also picked up a few coral colored Geraniums to go in some cute little pots I picked up at Menards over the weekend.

They are in the perfect spot perched on top some old cedar stumps flanking either side of the walk.

Though they look hot pink here, they are a beautiful soft coral and I just love them.  Once again, I PRAY they do well!

I had hoped to get started on that horrible looking front bed I showed you last week but...I was too busy playing in the flowers and lost track of time.  This weekend is a bust because of a family bbq but I hope to get around to it soon.  Then I can officially say that the front yard is DONE...well, at least until fall.

Have a lovely day!

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