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Have I ever told you that I love having a fireplace with a HUGE mantel?  Well I do! None of the other houses we lived in had fireplaces. In one of our earlier homes I did have a custom made 5 foot long shelf that I enjoyed decorating but that just wasn't the same has having a mantel.

Needless to say, I have enjoyed styling my beautiful mantel for the different holidays and seasons since we moved into this house. I have especially enjoyed decorating the mantel for fall each year. Well, I didn't decorate for fall last year because I was just too pooped and if you will remember my ONLY fall decorations last year was a chenille throw and a vase full of leafless branches on the dining room table. Yep, that's it, but in 2011, 2012 and this year, I went all out with my fall decor.

I like to change my vignette's out from year to year and I never do the same thing twice. That's probably because I can't remember what I did the year before, hehehe. However, I do like to reminisce and look back from time to time. Since it's cold and rainy out today, it's the perfect time to grab a cup of warm cider and a cozy blanket and do just that. I thought I would share with you my fall mantels past and present today so pull up a chair and grab a cup of Joe or cider and enjoy.

My 2011 mantel was pretty rustic...

I found the rustic fall picture for just a few dollars at a local thrift shop and knew it would be perfect for my newly acquired mantel.  I added some other rustic things like my rooster, copper lantern and grapevine that I already had on hand and despite my poor picture taking abilities, I think it turned out great.

My 2012 mantel was dramatically different. A lot simpler but perhaps more sophisticated with my DIY sunburst mirror made from plain white card stock.  You can find the tutorial HERE...

I simply flanked the mirror with some twigs cut from the yard, added some fresh colorful leaves cut from trees in the neighbors yard (yes, I asked first) and that was that.  Gorgeous, don't you think?

This year I had a little trouble putting my mantel together. I started with a shuttered window mirror but it was a little too small and was a little too country style for my taste so I changed that mirror out with these three mirrors that were hanging over my buffet before I sold it...

It looked great and I thought I was done but I found something just a little more "fallish" to replace those three mirrors...

a big ol' tree. The epitome of fall, wouldn't you say?

You might have also noticed the new wall color. Classic Gray by Ben Moore (mixed in Valspar eggshell finish paint).This is the first real glimpse you have gotten of it since I painted earlier this summer.

I wasn't sure I liked it at first but now I love it. It really lightened and brightened the place up and it is a neutral so it's goes with just about everything. I love for my rooms to be neutral so that I can switch out accessories with the different seasons and I don't have to worry about what colors I choose. They all go.

Right now I am loving the little pops of autumn color against this light neutral gray background.  So pretty!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed reminiscing a little with me and perhaps you have gotten a little inspiration for your fall mantel as well.

Have a TERRIFIC weekend!

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