Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Can I say that I am still stoked that I finally found the perfect curtains for the living room and dining room...Yeah, it only took 4 years but I found them nonetheless.  They are the LENDA curtains from IKEA and they were only $19.99 per pair.

I had been looking for some white or natural linen (or linen like) curtains for a VERY long time. I needed them to be quite a bit longer than the standard 84 inches long.  However, the curtains in the stores around here only go up to 84" in length and I needed mine to be roughly 93" long. I could have ordered something online in the length and style I needed but linen curtains or long curtains are quite expensive. Try anywhere from $75-$125 per panel (I needed 4 panels)...OUCH!

For the past couple years I had been hearing from other bloggers the praises of IKEA curtains.  So I thought I would give them a try.  I used some of their VIVAN curtains for the master bedroom and I wanted to try the RITVA curtains that DEAR LILLIE writes about for the dining room and living room but, they can't be ordered online and the nearest IKEA to me is 300 miles away. Needless to say a trip there is out of the question for me. I found some on Ebay and bought them but when they arrived they were just a little too "ivory" in color for me so I sold them to some one else.

That's the biggest problem with buying ANYTHING online. If you can't see it in person first you really don't know if it will work.  Most things look quite a bit different in real life then they do online so...

Back to the drawing board...I had heard that the LENDA curtains were a "more natural" white than RITVA (and they are) but I was hesitant to buy them because they are tab top curtains and tab tops are a little to casual and sloppy looking for me.  However, the price and length was right so I went for it and ordered the "bleached" white.  They come in two colors bleached white and light beige. Note: the bleached white are NOT a stark white.  They are a soft white but not quite ivory...if that makes sense.

Anyway, I figured I could just sew the tabs down and make hidden back tabs like so many of the new style curtains out now....

Once I did that, I washed, dried and ironed them. They are 100% cotton so I figured they would shrink some. They shrank A about 5 inches and when I hung them they were a tad too short...UGH! (shaking fist in air and stomping feet)...STORY OF MY LIFE I TELL YOU, THE.STORY.OF.MY.LIFE!!!

No problem though, I just ripped out the seam where I had sewed the tabs down and hung the curtains from the tabs which added 4 inches to them. As I said, I wasn't crazy about hanging them by the tabs because I thought they would look sloppy but I found the solution to that problem too. Instead of pulling the excess fabric in between each tab to the front like this...

Source unknown...these are NOT Ikea Lenda curtains.

I pushed mine to the back and set the tabs closer together and it gave them the more finished, formal look I was wanting...

They are now the perfect length too, hanging just above the floor...

These come pre-hemmed so technically had I not sewed the tabs down to begin with I wouldn't have had to do anything to these except for wash, dry and iron them.

I LOVE 'EM!  They are the perfect natural soft white that goes great with my Classic Gray walls...which, by the way, I am truly loving now...They're perfect...the walls and the curtains. They go with everything...including that God awful yellow geometric chair...hahaha.

Oh, and there's a little glimpse of my fall mantle too.  I would show you more but I am contemplating changing it up a bit. As soon as I'm done I will give you a good look.

Besides my new curtains, I also want to introduce you to my new little fur baby...ACE...

Isn't he soooo CUTE? We weren't really in the market for another pet but he was a stray who kept showing up at the church to play with the children.  The bubs named him and begged to bring him home with us.  We couldn't resist.  He cried a little the first night but is very well adjusted now. Nuisance was very jealous but she is getting better and is now allowing him to sleep by her sometimes. Though he prefers to sleep like this...

He's so cuddly and cute!

He latched on to one of the bubs' tiny little teddy bears and now it's his "baby".  He even plays fetch with it.  Yes, he plays fetch and he's not a dog. Maybe he thinks he's a dog. Hmmm, I wonder...anyway, if I get the chance I will make a little video of him "fetching" his baby and play it for you someday.  It's ADORABLE!!

Until next time, have a FABULOUS day!


  1. I am SO happy to have found your pin!! I have these curtains that I bought a year ago but I washed and shrunk them! I wanted to replace them but noticed they were labeled "bleached white" I do NOT want them paper white. And I don't remember them being called that before. Mine were a ivory/ off white color.

  2. Did you get the 98 inch or the 118 inch?


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