Friday, February 27, 2015


Happy Friday y'all! So glad it's the weekend!

Well I bought a can of primer the other day to help with the dining room chairs.  So GLAD I did! I was able to get two more chairs done last night after work.

I was able to do one coat of primer and one coat of paint to get good coverage. No dark wood stain peeking through at all! Beats the heck out of using six coats of paint and the finish is much smoother as well. It saved a TON of time too. I wish I would have done this for the first two chairs. I hadn't because I usually don't have to prime first with chalk paint. I guess with some things you just have to.

Once I get the last two painted and I get all of them sanded and sealed...which shouldn't be too hard or time consuming...I will be ready to upholster.

My fabric of choice for these chairs is natural linen but as you well know, real linen fabric is a little expensive and kind of hard to come by. However, I remembered having some faux natural linen (linen look alike) curtains that I bought from Lowes a couple years ago that I think will work perfectly as my "linen" upholstery fabric.

It's perfectly textured and at a more distant glance you can see that it's the perfect color to coordinate with everything else in the room.  It doesn't have that pinkish beige tinge that the existing fabric has.

and it's the perfect price too...FREE!  All I will have to buy is trim and nail heads. Yes, these lovely chairs will be sporting the ever popular, very sophisticated nail head trim.

I pray they turn out as gorgeous as I see them in my minds eye!

I hope to finish everything up within the next week or so because then I can start on building "the" table.  The hubs has been working to set up our "workshop" in the basement and we are planning on buying the lumber for it this weekend, that way it will have time to acclimate beforehand.

Of course you KNOW I will keep you all posted...about the chairs and the table.

Have a fabulous weekend!  Ciao,

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