Friday, February 6, 2015


Okay, so I promised that I would EVENTUALLY show you the full view of my DIY Restoration Hardware style art that I made for the dining room.  To date I have not been able to get any good pics to share with you. The reason being is that I have not been able to find a time when the sun was actually shining to get any good pictures.

Truth is the winter months around here are the hardest time of year to try and take any good pictures. It's usually very gloomy out as has been the case here for the past few months. There have been a few occasions when the sun has popped out over the past few days but there was no way I could get any pics because, well...I was at WORK!

By the time I get home from work in the evenings there is no sun left to be seen. WHAAAA!

So I decided to just go ahead and take pics anyway...AT NIGHT.

Yes, I know that is a big rule breaker. A real NO-NO. Any self-respecting blogger would NEVER take pics at night...

However we all know that I don't rank up there with those good, self-respecting, perfect picture taking bloggers and some rules just had to be broken...

because I needed an excuse to play with the new tripod I bought myself for Christmas.  So though these pictures are of the poorest quality and a little dark I figured I would share them with you anyway.

Cause I mean they are not THAT horrible, right?

Perhaps though I will get a chance at some good pictures later on...

That is before I make some changes to this here DIY Restoration Hardware inspired art. Yes, I decided that Greek Columns are not quite the look I am going for in here. While I love them and think they turned out beautiful and most definitely turned out like something right out of a Restoration Hardware catalogue, I was thinking that something like this would work out better...

A french Patisserie sign....Also from Restoration Hardware...out of their newest catalogue. Of course I will NOT be buying one from them as it's $955.00, but I think with a little work I can turn one of those Greek columns into something similar and the other one I think I will make into a "Menu" board...which I think ultimately will be more suited for a dining room. However, I will probably wait until I am done with all of the other projects before I make those changes.

As you know I still a ton of changes to make in this dining room before I can call it done...Paint the china cabinet, build a rustic farmhouse table (which I will now be doing myself because pops had a little table saw accident a few weeks ago), paint and reupholster the chairs, paint the crown molding and find a few accessories.

I am waiting for warmer weather to tackle most of those things so, yes, this dining room makeover will probably be the longest in history but I WILL get it done!

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