Thursday, January 29, 2015


Hey y'all.  That's it, just wanted to say HEY!

Naw just kidding. You know I'm gonna say A LOT more than just hey because you know I am one of those types who never shut up. Right?

Anyway, just to ramble a bit, I want to let you know that I finally got my DIY Restoration Hardware inspired wall art hung but I am still waiting to take pictures. I had plenty of sunshine last Saturday to get some good shots but just as soon as I got the tripod (a Christmas present to myself) setup the hubs said he wanted to take a trip to Lowes to grab a few things for a project he was working on.  Well you know me, I NEVER pass up a trip to Lowes and by the time we got back it was too dark to take any pictures. Everyday since then has been really dreary so no pictures yet but as soon as I get the chance I will make sure you get a good look at everything.

Also, I wanted to report that my Pancreatitis is getting better. I am feeling MUCH better too!  I will be going in for another check-up next week but I think everything is going good. My blood sugar levels are finally coming down (with the help of insulin) and I have a ton more energy.  I am feeling more like my old self everyday. Hooray!

Healthy eating has played a big part lately in getting all this under control. I know none of you struggle with poor eating habits but I do...BIG TIME. My whole family does. We are very busy people and eat mostly junk foods, fried foods and fast foods simply because they are convenient and easy. We are late night snackers as well and unless I am working on a project, doing something to keep me occupied, or I'm out of the house all evening, I snack here and there from the time I get up from the dinner table to the time I go to bed. I know, I know you don't even have to say it...that's HORRIBLE. I try to eat healthy snacks but nevertheless that's too.much.eating!

However, I have been trying really hard to make changes in my eating habits and to my diet, to all of our diets, and though we don't do everything perfect and there are still times we fudge a little, we are making a conscious effort to do things right. I don't want to be making anymore trips to the hospital!

You may have noticed that I put a list of some Healthy cooking sites on my side bar. These are really interesting sites and have a ton of good, healthy, easy recipes. Don't worry though Beyond the Portico is not going all Foodie on ya, though I do hope to post some healthy recipes here and there. I mainly put them there to give me a few sites to access quickly for ease of meal planning. However, feel free to peruse them yourself if something catches your eye.

Mainly I have been trying to use all fresh ingredients, eat more vegetables, lean meats and less carbs.  I LOVE pastas and breads so less carbs is REALLY hard. However, I have now been introduced to Zoodles (zucchini noodles). MMM, they are A.MAZING!...I will share more about those some other time as we ate ALL of them before I got a chance to take pictures. Oops! Yeah, they.are.that.good! Seriously!

The other night I experimented with Spaghetti Squash and made this AWESOME Southwestern Spaghetti Squash Casserole. 

It was FABULOUS too!

Now let's face it, squash is NOT noodles nor do they have the same taste or texture but this stuff had so much flavor you never miss the noodles. I swear that's the truth! It was soooo good there were no leftovers that night either. Even the hubs ate some and he pretty much refuses to eat veggies. He even mentioned that he wished there was some left because he wanted more.  Can you believe that?

With both the Zoodles and the Spaghetti Squash I ate less but felt more full and satisfied than I do when I eat real pasta; and, though I was full I did not have that heavy, miserable bloated feeling afterwards. I had a lot of energy and felt really good both evenings. I also did not feel the need to snack constantly on those nights either. Is it possible these are MIRACLE foods?

Not sure, but I do know they are good for you, they are low in carbs, low in fat and we love them. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest for both Zoodles and Spaghetti Squash and I hope to post a few recipes here too if you are interested in trying them.

I will be back soon with some pics of that RH inspired wall art...well, just as soon as the sun comes back out.  Until then, ciao!


  1. Looks yummy! I have 4th stage cirrhosis of the liver an pancreatitis looking for some things to eat that don't have me doubled over in pain!

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post and I hope this recipe and others like it help you find your way back to good health. My whole family is now in love with Spaghetti after trying this recipe and we feel so much better to boot.


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