Monday, January 19, 2015


A LONG time ago, in a land far away...well, maybe not in a land far away but it was a long time ago, I found this gorgeous glass chandy for just $3...

I posted about it HERE way back in June of 2013.  See I told you it was a LOOONG time ago. It was dirty and missing all it's crystals but I could see its potential and I dreamed that one day it would be hanging in my dining room.

Unfortunately the hubs REFUSED to get rid of the ceiling fan in the dining room...

a) because we paid quite a bit of money for it when we moved in, b) it was beautiful and c) I hadn't cried yet.  Just kidding!

Really, he did not want to get rid of that fan but I convinced him that it was "necessary" when we kept having problems taking the globe on and off the light to change the bulbs and there was constant frustration with the fan chain getting kinked. We could hardly ever use the fan because the chain would not pull right. Truthfully the fan was beautiful but it was very poorly designed and very frustrating to use and maintain. If I ever buy another ceiling fan it will come with remote control and the light bulbs will be easily accessible...I swear to that.

Yes that fan has been a BIG pain in the patoot but all of that was to my advantage. It made it that much easier to convince the hubs that we needed a beautiful glass chandy where all the bulbs could be changed without having to remove a globe to do so. It made it even more convincing when I told him that we would not be spending hundreds of dollars for a chandy but that I had gotten one for just a few dollars and that replacement crystals would only cost around $30.  HE AGREED and now I have this gorgeous chandy hanging in the dining room...

It was an ordeal to get took ALL day and a trip to Lowes because apparently I didn't get all the hardware to it when I purchased it. Oops.

The hardware we got from Lowes didn't work either but fortunately I had the hardware from our original chandy in the attic. It worked and we eventually got the new chandy up. The hubs was NOT happy with all the work involved or using up his whole Saturday on this but I am EXTREMELY happy with it.  Thanks hubs!!

So this is how the dining room looks today...

The table and chairs are a recent Craigslist find for $50. The chairs eventually will be reupholstered and painted white as will the china cabinet I bought a few months back. That is, when I can convince the hubs that these things are "meant" to be painted. LOL!  He's VERY reluctant.  He just doesn't have my vision.

As you can see I did not get my Restoration Hardware style art hung this weekend as I had hoped. Hanging the chandy, though it should have been a 30 minute job, turned out to be too huge an undertaking for one day. Perhaps I will get the art hung some time this week. I'll be sure to keep you up to date.


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