Friday, April 24, 2015


Okay, so I have not even started on the china cabinet redo, as promised, and I may not even get to it in the next couple of weeks because of the many, many things on my to do list, but I did get the new signs for the dining room done...and just in time for a rainy, no good for nothing, picture taking day.

However, they turned out so good that I wanted to share them with you anyway...lousy pictures and all!

Have no fear though, I have no doubt you WILL be seeing better pictures of these fabulous signs again...over and over again...because I am so proud of them as I show you progress of this dining room redo. Hehehe

The Ristorante sign was conjured up from my very own little imagination but was inspired by this cute Patisserie sign from Restoration Hardware...

Oh and no "Restaurant" is not spelled wrong...Ristorante is the Italian spelling!

AND though I made it myself, there was no conjuring of the imagination for the Today's Menu sign...we've ALL seen those signs around everywhere. I could have just bought one but I needed it to be the same size as the Ristorante sign.

BESIDES, I already had all the stuff in my stash of left over materials to make them both, with the exception of the framing materials. The framing supplies cost me around $12 so this was a very inexpensive project.

I LOVE them for sure and think they work SO much better in here than the column prints. I loved those too but after I got them done realized they just weren't right for the space. No biggie though, I will use them somewhere else or sell them. It's for sure they won't go to waste.

I was thinking that these would look even better if I lowered them a little and hung some art gallery picture lights above them.  Like these...

Not sure, but it's something to think about; and, of course, it would be something I do a little ways down the road after my few remaining projects in here are done.

Besides painting the china cabinet I pretty much just have a little tweaking left to do before I can call this room "DONE" and after looking at these pictures I think I need to add one more little project to my list. I need to do something with those black sconces. Not sure what. I either need to take them down completely, move them to a different spot, paint them or something. What do you think I should do with them?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Have a fabulous weekend. Ciao

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