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Okay so this is the last post about vacation this year.  Bet you're glad to hear that...haha...but I didn't want to finish this segment without giving you all the details about where we know, in case you are planning a little vacation of your own to Mark Twain Lake.

Anyway, we stayed at Cannon Dam Cabins in Perry, Missouri.  A REALLY nice place and pretty inexpensive.  I mean you get a whole cabin with a nice large bathroom, kitchenette, master bedroom with more beds in the living area, for about as much, or maybe even a little less, than what you would pay to stay in a motel....$65.00 per night, and if you rent the cabin for a full week, you get the last night FREE!  Great deal!!!

Funny story...we stayed there all week and I had planned to take a lot of pictures of our cute little cabin and campsite but...I FORGOT!  Yes, the camera toting traveler forgot to take ANY pictures of our slice of paradise and didn't even realize it until we were halfway home. Soooo, I have no pictures of the cabin to share with you today...well, none of my own pictures that is...I stalked their website and found a few to share because internet pirating is my expertise....Hehehehe

The one with the arrow over it is the one we stayed in, #28. As you can see we were close to the playground area.  We also were only a few more feet away from an indoor pool house.  Each cabin has their own little picnic area with picnic table, firepit and BBQ grill.

Here is an aerial view of the campground just so you can see everything available...

Though the cabins look small they are actually pretty spacious...

I was pretty impressed by the size of the bathroom. There was plenty of room to shower and get dressed without feeling cramped.  Plus it was super clean and modern.

In the main living area there is a queen bed and set of bunk beds and through the door on your left is a bedroom with another queen size bed. You could easily fit 6-7 people in the single family size cabin comfortably.

The kitchenette is equipped with pretty much everything you need as far as dishes, utensils and cookware...short of a sharp cutting knife and a potholder, it was a nice space and easy to work in. The only real difficulty I had in working in the kitchen is that the refrigerator door opens the wrong way. Other than that, I loved our little kitchen.

Speaking of using this kitchen, we made a lot of good food here. We tried several of our Pinterest recipes and for the most part they turned out DELICIOUS.  I had a few favorites. One of them was the Cornbread Waffles with Chili...YUMMM!

Another was Omelets in a bag...

These were genius.  So easy, tasty and no clean up!!

A few tips on these two meals though...Make sure you use good quality ziploc bags for the omelets because they do go into boiling water.  Cheap bags will melt.  I used quart size freezer bags and they did great!

Also, the cornbread waffles were the bomb.  The recipe however had a little glitch and I had to add a little plain cornmeal (which luckily I had on hand) because the batter was a little too thin.  This is why it was too thin...

These are both Jiffy Mix boxes and both the same size box. However, one must have fewer ounces of the baking mix in it or something. Notice the discrepancies in the recipe? The one box says the recipe makes 3 7" waffles and the other says it makes 2 7" waffles.  One calls for 3/4 cup milk and the other calls for 1/2 cup milk? Yeah, I didn't realize this until after I used 3/4 cup for each box and my batter turned out too thin.  I give you this information just in case you try this recipe for yourself and use more than one box of mix.  READ THE LABELS CAREFULLY!!!  Hehe.

One of the coolest Pinterest foods we made was this fabulous Tin Can Campfire Bread...(oh all the pictures of the food are you can actually see how it all turned out!!)

I saved and washed out some tin cans from other meals and used them to make this quick and easy bread...

I cooked mine in the oven because we didn't have a campfire going that night. They turned out great and though I didn't have enough time to let it rise all the way, it was still tasty and everyone loved it.

One of our other favorite meals was the Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes. They were yummy too but...uh oh...I didn't get a picture of those. Sorry!

My least favorite Pinterest food this week was the Grilled Banana Boats...

I discovered that I DO NOT LIKE cooked bananas....YUCK!!!!  Everything else in them was delicious but the banana was HORRIBLE!!  Not even kidding!!! Gagging just thinking about it. That's not to say that you wouldn't like them...the hubs and kids did.

Now since this is actually a DIY and HOME DECOR blog that is supposed to be all about HOMES and HOUSES and NOT vacation, I saved this picture for last...

In an area where there are mainly small cabins and cottages, this house (castle) seemed really out of place but it was so GORGEOUS I couldn't resist taking a picture of it to share with you

I bet the homeowners (if they were there) considered calling the police after we passed the house not once but circled back to pass it twice, then circled back again to stop in front of it to take a picture...and, since that picture wasn't good enough...because I was leaning halfway out the car window in a contorted fashion and nearly breaking my neck...we then backed up and pulled into the driveway to snap another before pulling off at a high rate of speed... Do you think they thought we were stalkers?

The things we bloggers do to get the picture...hahaha...

Anyway, we had a really good, COMFORTABLE week staying at Cannon Dam Cabins, enjoyed all the day trips and adventures...that you can read all about HERE and HERE, and ate really well to boot...(so well in fact that I had to put myself on a little diet when we got home).

What did you do for your vacation this year?  I would love to hear all about it.

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation, Sheila! Thanks for sharing about it here. :) So thankful to have met you. I am going to click on the follow button and start following you. God bless you.


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