Monday, August 31, 2015


Hallelujah, the floors are DONE!!!  Now we just have to wait for 5 days for them to cure before we can move back in.  We finished up Saturday night at around midnight. I can definitely tell you this project was a true LABOR of love.  It was VERY laborious and our bodies are feeling it for sure but I am so glad to finally have them done.  We do have to buff them out yet but we have to wait for them to cure first.  We figure we will be moving the furniture back in over the long weekend coming up.  I can't wait!

Now I will tell you before I show you a few (not very good) pictures that they are not perfect by any means.  We were dealing with 76 year old wood that had a LOT of imperfections and stains to begin with; so, keeping that in mind, I think they turned out really good. I'm sure they would have turned out much better had we hired the professionals to come in and do them but we saved ourselves thousands of dollars by doing them ourselves. Our philosophy was why waste money on the professionals if the floors weren't going to end up perfect anyway.

So without further ado...and pay no mind to my lousy photography are a couple shots of how the living and dining rooms look right now...keep in mind they still have to be buffed...

They look GREAT don't they?  Like I said, they're not perfect but I am truly happy with them. At least all the floors in the house match now.  There's no more patchwork quilt wood floors going on here. YAY!!!


  1. Your floors are to die for!! I LOVE the color.

  2. Your floors are to die for!! I LOVE the color.


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