Thursday, August 13, 2015


Well hello. I bet you didn't think you would hear from me so soon since I told you I was going to be taking a little blogging break so that we could practically repaint everything in the entire house and give the hardwood floors an overhaul.  So yes, I am posting a lot sooner than I thought I would...not because we are done with everything...but because I stole a moment to take a couple pictures.  Not very good pictures mind you...but pictures just the same.  Besides, I wanted to do a short post just to share what I have gotten accomplished in the last week or so...and so you don't feel like I've completely abandoned you through this whole process.

I won't lie, progress has been SLOWWWW.  Besides going to work and church and open house at bub's school, you know the normal things, we have had a few extra things come up that have kind of hindered us from making the kind of progress we would like to have made...things like the motor on the central air unit going out (we had no air conditioning for 2 days...thank God it was only in the mid 80's those days), the battery on the riding lawn mower gave up the ghost and the main electrical breaker on the house went bad...yeah, that ALL happened in the past week and a half...All those things had to be fixed or given attention to before we could go on with anything else...OHHH HAPPY DAYS and OHHH MY ACHING POCKET BOOK!!!

Nevertheless, we did manage to get a few of things checked off our list and it's looking like we will be able to stay on schedule.  The hubs is still working on getting the basement cleaned up, coated and sealed.  He should be done by the end of next week with all that...I HOPE!!  It seems he's a lot slower than I am on these types of things...hehehe!

In the meantime, I have painted FIVE ceilings (and made repairs to two of them), painted crown molding in the living room and dining room, primed and painted the fireplace mantel and primed all the trim and a door by the back entryway.  WHEW!  Did I say I was tired?  Oh yes, I am very tired, and SORE, and the good news...I have a ton more painting to do.

Here's a few side by side comparisons so you can see the difference that the fresh white ceiling and trim paint has made in the living room and dining room.

It looks so much brighter and cleaner, doesn't it? The power of paint never ceases to amaze me!!

Next up, I will be putting two coats of paint on the trim by the back entryway, priming and painting the walls, doors and trim in bubs' room, and the window at the top of the stairs...then we can start clearing out the the ENTIRE we can refinish the hardwood floors throughout...Did I mention I was ALREADY tired?  Oh my goodness, PLEASE pray for me!!!

Until next time, enjoy life and don't work as hard as I your pennies and HIRE A CONTRACTOR to do it all for you!!! Hehehehe.

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