Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way to the poor house...if your Christmas shopping list is as long as mine is....Hehehe.

Do you have all your Christmas shopping done?  Me either!  I find that I always have one more present to buy for this person or that person...you know "last minute gifts"...and I always seem to be stumped as to what to get them.  I hate giving the proverbial gift card because they are so...well, just so...and the recipient can usually tell that their gift was your last minute thought. Ewe, that's not good.  Anyway, I like to give everybody on my list something...something they can unwrap...because that's the fun part!!  Something that is useful and that they can enjoy more than once but I also don't want to break the bank.  After all I would still like to be able to pay my utility bills when Christmas is over...YOU TOO?

With that in mind I have put together a list of 5 great gifts for $5 or under that anyone on your list will like.

1.  Blanket scarf.

Any friends of yours love to bundle up on a cold winters day?  Give them one of these blanket scarves from Five Below.

2.  Scarf hangers.

Have a friend with a lot of scarves and no place to keep them?  Give them a scarf hanger or two. You can get a two pack for just $5 at places like Five Below, Dollar General and Ross.

3.  Texting/touch gloves.

These are great for all those texting enthusiasts on your list. The special fabric allows the smart phone to read the finger through the glove.  You can find these just about anywhere these days for $5 a pair Check Wal-mart or Five Below for all sorts of fun colors and patterns.

4.  Winter slippers or Sherpa boots...

It's been said that if your feet are cold, your whole body is cold.  Brrrrr.  Your friends will never have cold feet again if you get them a pair of these fleece lined imitation Sherpa boots.  They have them at in all different colors and sizes at Wal-mart, Five Below and Dollar General for just $5 a pair.  The best part...they are soft, warm and comfy!!

5.  Boot tray.

Of course the recipient of this gift might get that weird sort of look on their face when they open this one...you know the look that says "what in the world is this thing" but once they see how useful it is in corralling all those dripping snow boots and how it keeps their nice floors clean and free of water, it is sure to be their favorite gift of the season.  You might pick yourself up one too...just in case.  They have them at Wal-mart for just $4.64.

So there you have it...5 great last minute gifts for just $5.

Now HURRY grab your wallet and your keys and get to shopping because Christmas is ONLY a little over a week away...EEEEEK!!

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