Friday, December 4, 2015


Hi guys.  Do you want to learn how to decorate your Christmas tree like the pros?  Me too!  I've decorated my Christmas trees the same way for years, just twirling a length of ribbon around the body of them and adding in some ornaments.

Very simple, nothing too fancy; and, while I like my style and will probably never change it (because I'm a creature of habit), I've always wondered how the pros do what they do to make their trees look so full, fluffy and festive.

How do they get all that ribbon tucked into the branches?  How do they get ALL those ornaments on there and in just the perfect spot?

I want to know!! You too?

Well there is one professional that all we bloggers know and love who is going to show us how...Jennifer Davenport from Jennifer Decorates, formerly Decorating Made Easy. She truly is a Christmas decorating pro and offers all sorts of tips and tricks in the following video that shows how the normal, average, everyday person like you and I can achieve a professional looking Christmas tree in just a few easy steps.

As a matter of fact, I think you will be SURPRISED at just how easy it is...

See, EASY!!!

Now go decorate that tree!!!

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  1. So much fun to watch! So pretty and so easy.


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