Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The living room and the DINING room are the two main living areas of our home.  The dining room is where we EAT most of our meals, SHARE the news of the day, ENTERTAIN and fellowship with FRIENDS, and just spend some good quality FAMILY TIME together.  So come on in and pull up a chair.  There's room for everyone here at our table.

Now you see it....

Now you don't....

...did you notice my SWINGING door?  This is just ONE of the neat little treasures in my little OLD house.  It has sooooo many little peculiarities and treasures which is precisely why I fell in love with it. 

I LOVE this little door.  If I am entertaining friends and don't want them to see the MESS in the kitchen, I can close the door and it just DISAPPEARS.

We have a mish mash of furniture in here, but that's okay with us.  We traded our oak dining furniture for something with a little more AGE.  The table WILL be getting a facelift this summer and the chairs will most likely be going to the curb when I find replacements, so STAY TUNED for future posts on these. 

The vintage Highboy was a trade for my oak curio cabinet.  I love, LOVE, love this piece.  It just matches our little old house.

Notice the FORSYTHIA on the table....AHHH it's SPRING!

As I said there is a mish mash of furnishings in here.  The buffet is actually the DRESSER to our bedroom set.  Built in the depression era, some of the rooms in this house are small.   We didn't have a buffet and our bedroom was just too cramped with a queen size sleigh bed, dresser, 2 bedside tables and a chest of drawers, so the dresser became a buffet. PROBLEM SOLVED!

I had a little trouble getting a good shot of the buffet (dresser) in all it's SPRINGTIME glory... 

...but I did get a couple good bunny shots

Well that's the dining room.  Subject to change at a moments notice, soooo stop by often and pull up a chair.  There's always good food, always good chat and....there's always room for you at our table.


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  1. Don't leave those dining room chairs to the curb! They look like mid-century modern. I love the lines on the backs. There are many mid-mod enthusiasts renovating 1960s houses who'd love them. BTW, I love your house & what you've done with it.


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