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I have tirelessly searched the web for inspiration of how to decorate my beautiful little jewel box of a home.  I thought I would share with you some of the GORGEOUS ideas I found on my adventure.  (Some of these pictures are taken from places like Country Living and Southern Living Magazines.  However, others have probably been taken from other blogs.  I would love to give credit to the person responsible for their incredible inspiring photos but I don't quite remember which blogs I got them all from.   Soooo, if you see a picture that belongs to you here, please let me know so I can give you credit for it or remove it.  Thanks!

First up....in honor of St. Patrick's Day how about some GREEN....

Green is one of my favorite colors but a little goes a long way most of the time.  However, whoever did this room should pat themselves on the back...IT IS BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS.   I am GREEN with envy.  Just the right balance of green and white.  It is so crisp and light.

How would you like to have this beautiful BRIGHT and CHEERY  green kitchen?  GORGEOUS!

Next up on today's inspiring hit parade...maybe a few inspiring tablescapes

How about this for ELEGANCE?  Crisp clean white but with the unexpected wood plank as a table runner.  Yet somehow it just makes a beautiful statement.  (by the way, I believe this was used as a table at either a wedding rehearsal dinner or at the wedding table itself.

I believe this beautiful Blue and White tablescape comes from the very lovely Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.  She does such magnificent tablescapes.  Does this make you hunger for summer breezes, or what?

Seeing as how I have a fireplace now, I went in search of some ideas of just how to don it.  Ohhh there are soooo many beautifully decorated mantels out there.  So I have gathered a few inspiring mantelscapes to get our creative juices flowing in case you too have a fabulous fireplace.

Talk about DECKED for the holidays.  This is simply BREATHTAKING.  I think I might try this next Christmas.

CUTE or SCARY?  Not into Halloween, try it without BOO. Simple, yet GORGEOUS!

If you have enjoyed these, there is an entire blog just about fireplace decor.  Check it out HERE.

Now onto bedrooms...

My daughter's bedroom in our new house is light blue.  I was going to paint it some pretty girl color but my daughter says she really likes the blue.  I went in search of the perfect blue bedroom for her.  You know blue but still feminine....is this it? 

I'm in love! The best part she already has black furniture and blue walls.  There's not much left to do there.  YEAH!!!

This next bedroom is just cute.  I couldn't resist adding it to these inspiration photos.  Although it is a master bedroom it is just downright charming.  Soooo COMFY looking.  I love the "Fresh Sweet Corn" sign outside the window.

Need a new look in the living room?  Try one of these...

This is super chic.  Beautiful use of color.  LOVE THIS!!

Maybe you want brighter colors...

...if I were 20 again, I would so do this!  (Hmmm, my daughter will be on her own in a few years, maybe she'll let me do this to her house).  Dreaming, dreaming...

Are you in to making your own home furniture, decor and accessories, check out these...

Like country style living?  Try one of these....

Or one of these.....CUTE!!!

Do you like repurposing vintage finds?  Try one of these...take the covers off an old, worn out, vintage photo album and glue them onto an according file folder.  How's that for SHABBY CHIC?


Looking for a new floral for your entranceway.  How about one of these...

Well that's it for today's inspiration.  I could go on and on and on.  There are just so many talented people in this world.  I would like to thank them now for sharing all their ideas with us.

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  1. Hi Sheila, so glad you came by to visit. What a great post, love all your images! Hope you can join in for Vintage Inspiration Friday!


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