Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yesterday was simply a gorgeous day and so after work I headed home with the mind to do some much needed yard work after dinner...During the raking, weeding and mowing, this little guy...

decided that it was just WAY too nice for yard work...and had gone in the house to change into his "cowboy" I finished with some raking and was on the porch taking a much needed rest he rode up on his "horse" (see the bicycle..) armed with his hillbilly shotgun and demanded that it was time to play...

Well, who could resist a face like that?!!!  Isn't he just the CUTEST cowboy ever?!!!

I just had to get the camera...


  1. That is definitely the cutest cowboy ever!! Too sweet!

  2. Your little guy is so cute. Thanks for visiting and have fun playing in the yard...much more fun than pulling weeds.

  3. What a smile in that last photo! It is just wonderful to get out and work in the yard in this weather isn't it? I just love your slideshow. I had to sit and watch it. I think it adds so much.

  4. Sheila! You're little guy is so cute. Sigh...he reminds me so much of my "little guy" at that age, who is going to be 18 in two weeks! Ugh. it goes by so fast. Enjoy these moments!


  5. He's a cute little cowboy! Love his smile in the last picture.

    P.s thanks so much for the painting tips. :)


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