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I was tagged by Shirley over at Mrs. Hines Class for a game of Q&A for bloggers...and...since I love blogging so much and since I didn't have much else to do today (although I am at work right now, shhhhhhh don't tell anyone, LOL)...I decided to play along.  Now Shirley is a great lady and has an A+ blog so I'm sure you will want to stop by her class for a visit and take a peek at her answers to the questions posted by Jen.  Now then,...

Here's how this little game of bloggy tag works, Shirley has posted some questions for me to answer.  When I'm finished I am to tag some other wonderful bloggers out there and post different questions for them to answer.  Sounds fun now don't it? 

Just for fun let's pretend that Shirley is the host of a design talk show (like Oprah...No, more like Martha Stewart, LOL) and I'm your typical disfunctional (yet sweet and friendly) homemaking guest, Ms. Suzy Homemaker.  Here goes...

Host Shirley:  What is the biggest design/decor risk you've taken in the last year?

Ms. Homemaker:  Well Shirley, I'm not much of a risk taker especially when it comes to my home.  I have pretty much always stuck with what I know to work best, but it just so happens that this year I did take a huge risk when remodeling my main floor bathroom.  I installed homemade board and battan(you know a real DIY job).  I measured and cut each and every board all by myself.  Figured out the placement of each board and even caulked primed and painted it too.  Although it's not exactly perfect it turned out great and I am so very proud of myself.

Host Shirley:  How do you define homemaker?

Ms. Homemaker:  Some would say that a homemaker is one that stays at home and keeps the perfect, pristine house.  One who makes the perfect homemade meals every day, keeps the laundry caught up and makes sure everything is always in it's place,  but I define a homemaker as someone who turns a house into a comfortable, relaxed, enjoyable home and atmosphere where family and friends feel at home.  Though she may work full time, though every thread of clothing is not clean and put away, and though most meals are what some would call semi-homemade, if there is love and laughter and a place to relax at the end of the day, then I define her as a homemaker and I honor her.

Host Shirley:  If you won a room makeover, what room would you redesign:

Ms. Homemaker:  I've won a room makeover?  Oh you darling Shirley, I could just kiss you!  What, I didn't win a room redesign, whaaaaa!  Just kidding!  Well, I would have to say this is a no brainer for me Shirl, I would love to have a new kitchen.  My kitchen is incredibly tiny and well, let's just say, it's terribly DATED.  Our house is 70 years old and it shows (ha).  The cabinets probably have at least 70 coats of paint on them give or take a few and it also has asbestos tile laminate flooring, ugly formica countertops and is just all around hideous.  I could picture some nice granite countertops, beautiful lighted glass front cabinets, wood floors to match the rest of the house and perhaps an island (of course, we would have to take out a few walls for that to happen), but yeah, hands down I would choose a new kitchen.

Host Shirley:  What is your favorite vacation destination?

Ms. Homemaker:  Vacation?  What's that?  Hmm, that's a hard one Ms. Shirley, I've never been out of the midwest but my dream vacation destination would be a trip to the east coast...I'm thinking of Maine, Maryland, Conneticut, Vermont and perhaps the fall, of course.  The crisp cool air, falling leaves, beautiful landscapes and lighthouses...dreamy.  I would also like to enjoy some fresh crab and lobster...yummm. 

Host Shirley:  If you could give just one piece of advice to a new mom, what would it be?

Ms. Homemaker:  BIRTH CONTROL!!  Again, just kidding.  Children are our inheritance and gift from God, nothing is better than becoming a new mommy.  NOTHING!  My best advise is to spoil those babies, love them to pieces and most importantly, spend LOTS of quality time with them.  They grow up all too fast.  There is no book, TV program, blog and certainly no housework or home decor project worth missing time with them.  Teach them what life is all about.  They don't worry about if the house is impeccably clean or if their meals are homegrown or homemade, they just want to know that they are your favorite person in the whole wide world and that you love them.  Be the best mom you can be!

Host Shirley:  What is your favorite part of your day? and why?

Ms. Homemaker:  Any part that I get to spend with my family.  They are my life.  I also enjoy any time I get to blog, read magazines, and of course, SHOP! 

Host Shirley:  What is your ideal date with your significant other?

Ms. Homemaker:  There's not much time for dating these days and there is certainly not much opportunity for any time alone when you have a teenager and a 6 year old in a very small house but occasionally we find five minutes to sneak away into another room to steal a kiss or two.  I still get butterflies after 21 years.  Now that's my ideal date!  However, we have recently started taking one night a month for date night.  Last month we enjoyed dinner out at Applebees and a trip to Lowe's, one of my favorite stores. 

Host Shirley:  Would you face your worst fear for $10,000?  Why or why not?

Ms. Homemaker:  I'm not sure what my worst fear is.  Well, I guess my worst fear is dying and not making it to heaven.  In that case, NO!!!! No amount of money is worth that but since you are looking for a different kind of serious answer here, I would have to say my worst fear would be finding myself naked at the bus stop (did you ever have a dream like that when you were a kid).  I did.  Boy that's scary stuff and no I still don't think I would succomb to that kind of torment even for $10,000.  LOL!!!

Host Shirley:  Why and when did you start blogging?

Ms. Homemaker:  I have been blogging for a little over a year now.  I really couldn't tell you why I started blogging.  It kind of just happened.  I had been reading several home decor and design blogs for a little while, LOVED THEM, and just wanted to get in on the fun.  Besides it was FREE and I'm just a thrifty sort of gal. 

Host Shirley:  What is your favorite decorating trend right now?

Ms. Homemaker:  Surprisingly enough, I am drawn to a more modern/contemporary style right now, which is so unlike me.  Years ago after first being married I was inclined to country style.  That was in early 90's when country blue and dusty rose was so popular.  Okay, be kind, I know some of you can identify here!  Now I could puke at the thought of that color palette, ha.  At the end of the 90's I was still country but had moved toward the cranberry and hunter green color scheme but 10 years of country style was enough for me so I transitioned to more of a transitional/traditional style which is where I pretty much reside right now, and I like it.  However, I am finding myself liking the clean lined, less is more kind of look more and more these days.  Almost sort of a minimalist approach though I am no minimalist by far.  I just like the clean, unweighted, simplistic, uncluttered vibe it gives.

Minimalist Living Room with Black and White Color

Host Shirley:  What hobbies do you enjoy other than blogging/decorating?

Ms. Homemaker:  Oddly enough and even though I have a black thumb, I enjoy gardening.  I don't get to do much of it because I work full time but I enjoy getting out in the yard every chance I do get.  Maybe some day I will actually get something to grow!!  Maybe if you say a little pray, (not for me...for the plants since I kill everyone of them I touch), I will have a successful garden someday.

Well, there you have it...everything you ever wanted to know about Ms. Suzy Homemaker a/k/a Sheila over at Beyond the Portico.  Now it's your turn.

Here's how to play...


1.  You must post the rules
2.  Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you; then create 11 questions for your tagged victims to answer.
3.  Tag 11 people and link them in your post;
4.  Let them know you have tagged them;
....and I'm adding a new rule
5.  Become a follower of the blog who tagged you, if you are not already.

Now it's your turn to play Q&A tag.  I'm tagging:

Alison @ The Polohouse

Laura Ingalls Gunn @ Decor to Adore

Tag teamed, Barbara & Alicia @ A Mother and a Daughter

Okay, girls here's your questions...

1.  Where do you reside, City and State, (no addresses please) and tell us a little bit about your area?

2.  When did you become interested in interior design and why?

3.  What is your favorite and least favorite design style? Why?

4.  What elements, in your opinion, make for a perfectly decorated/designed room?  Your tips/tricks of the trade please.  We're all ears!!

5.  If you could quit your day job and do anything you want, what would you be/do?

6.  When, why and how did you become a blogger?

7.  What is your best advice for the new up and coming bloggers out there?

8.  Besides blogging and decorating what is your favorite past time activity?

9.  Speaking in terms of decor and design, what is the most outrageous/outlandish thing you have ever done?  Was it a success or failure?

10.  If any, what room would you redesign in your current home if you had an endless budget?

11.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Okay, there they are...TAG, YOU'RE IT!!!

A special thank you to Shirley over at Mrs. Hines Class for inviting me to play along in this little bloggy tag game.  It's been fun!  Have a great weekend everyone! Ciao.


  1. Hi Sheila! Thanks for tagging me ~ this sounds like fun! Your bathroom turned out wonderfully; you did a great job. You have many things you listed that I can relate to. Definitely the spending your time with your kids. It does go too fast as I look at my 21 and 25 year olds! Now I have a granddaughter that I just love to bits! The country decor ~ that was me, too! I had the goose wallpaper border and all. I'll work on this over the weekend to answer your very thorough questions! : )

  2. Hi Sheila,

    This sounds like such fun. Thank you so very much for including me. I am currently on a blogging break as Mr. Decor's mom has just gone to heaven so I won't be playing along this round. But it sure was fun reading your answers.:)
    Have a blessed day!

  3. I loved reading your answers. We might be two peas in a pod. I'm so glad you played along.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  4. fun and interesting answers!! your pictures are so fabulous and inspiring too!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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